How Do I Stop Feeling Like I’m Not Good Enough?

One thing so many of us share, whether or not we struggle with addictions, is this incessant feeling that we’re not good enough, that we don’t measure up to other people, that we aren’t who or what we wish we were. These limiting beliefs are a part of what connect us as human beings. They are a universal part of human nature. How do shed these limiting beliefs so that we start to see the truth – that we are enough, that we are more than good enough, that we don’t have to be anyone or anything other than who and what we are?

Just like with any emotional pattern we want to change, we have to be conscious of our limiting beliefs and how they manifest in our lives. For many of us, they drive our addictions because we turn to substances, behaviors and relationships to ease the pain of how inadequate we feel. Let’s ask ourselves some important questions about our feelings of inadequacy. What thoughts and emotions does our fear of inadequacy bring with it? What unhealthy coping mechanisms do I use to bury this fear? For many of us we feel deep sadness and anxiety. We might develop toxic thought patterns based on our fear. We might obsess about our shortcomings or about the people we envy who we feel represent the ideals we wish we embodied. We might drink, use drugs, gamble or have sex compulsively in order to try to escape the pain.

The more we increase our awareness about our fear-based limiting beliefs of inadequacy, the more we can reduce their control over us. When we weren’t conscious of them, we allowed them to run rampant, creating all kinds of mental and emotional havoc within us. Once we become mindful of them, we can start to undo the damage they’ve caused.

Trying to fight our limiting beliefs and toxic thought patterns only makes them worse because we are empowering them with our resistance. Instead, let’s create new beliefs and new thought patterns that, with repetition and with our energy behind them, can replace the old, painful ones. “I am good enough. In fact, I am more than good enough. I am perfect the way I am. I might have things I want to change or improve upon in myself, but I am divinely made and I am perfect in my progress and evolution. I am exactly who and what I am meant to be. I can manifest anything I want for myself and make my dreams come true. I have the power to heal myself. I have the power to be happy and love myself.”

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