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Often times, the first step upon entering treatment for substance abuse involves going through some sort of detoxification process. This process is necessary because the body becomes dependent on the substance of an addict’s choosing and can become physically sick without it. In fact, it can be dangerous to go attempt to self-detox at home without any medical supervision due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms from certain substances, particularly benzodiazepines.

-Tampa Detox Center Bedroom

Riverside Recovery provides the detoxification process in a peaceful, spa-like setting with private rooms and a 24/7 medically monitored detox program. Our staff is trained to taper and stabilize patients off of most substances, including alcohol, opiates, sedatives & benzodiazepines, fentanyl, amphetamines, cannabis, and cocaine/crack. Whatever the case may be, Riverside Recovery works to keep our patients comfortable while their body readjusts to living a life free of drugs in their system. Time frame is dependent on the drug of choice, but a typical stay in detox ranges from 4-10 days.

During this time, patients will also begin to lay the groundwork for their recovery. Once they’ve begun to stabilize, they’ll meet with a therapist both individually and in groups. Patients start learn more about their addiction and how it plays a role in their life. This way, once the patient transfers to a residential or outpatient program, they begin to have an understanding of how their life has been affected by their substance abuse.

Dr. Michael Sore and Kumar Jairamdas, ARNP oversee the medical component of the detoxification process, bringing extensive experience in an emergency department setting to Riverside Recovery. Both are trained and well-versed in treating stable and unstable substance abuse disorders, making sure every patient who comes through our doors gets the best possible care.

Dr. Michael Sore
Medical Director

Kumar Jairamdas

Riverside Recovery’s state-of-the-art detoxification program provides the best care in the Tampa Bay area, combining a professional, experienced care team and a top-notch facility. By placing our patients in that environment, we can assure our them that they’re receiving the help that they need as they begin to take the first steps to changing their life for the better.