Residential (Inpatient) Rehab Treatment

Residential treatment is one of the most time-tested and reliable methods of addiction treatment. The full-time care, supportive structure, and safe environment provided by residential programs ensure that recovery clients get the attention they need within a distraction-free treatment center focused entirely on their healing. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol for pain relief or a way out of depression. Recovering from an addiction isn’t easy, but there are many ways you can make it easier and prevent relapse and maintain lasting sobriety for good.

With the unique challenges of drug and alcohol abuse, it’s important to have a plan. If you’re looking for inpatient treatment, there are various considerations and questions you’ll need to ask before choosing your best fit. At Riverside Recovery, we witness first-hand the successes of our inpatient treatment clients every day. We invite you to learn more about our modern approach to inpatient treatment and to find out how we can provide you or your loved one a chance to start fresh after struggling with substance abuse.

Program Care Overview

Is a Residential Treatment Program Right for Me?

Residential treatment is highly customizable and applicable to people at all stages of recovery. Whether you are dealing with an active addiction and currently abusing drugs or alcohol regularly, or whether you have had problems with substance abuse in the past and feel close to relapse, residential treatment can be an option. The only requirement for residential care is that you fully commit to full-time, round-the-clock recovery treatment for a certain amount of time — usually 30, 60 or 90 days, but with some flexibility or alternatives depending on the treatment center.

To find out if residential treatment is your best option, reach out to Riverside Recovery! Upon admission to our program, you will be evaluated by our staff and paired with the appropriate level of care for where you are in your recovery. We offer a range of levels of care from inpatient detox to an intensive outpatient program and will be sure to recommend the treatment that will benefit you most.

How Long Is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The average length of stay for residential treatment is 30 days, but Riverside Recovery offers longer programs (60-90 days) depending on several different factors. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction is a complicated illness and effective treatment should follow several principles. Some of them include the following regarding the length of stay:

  • Remaining in addiction treatment for an adequate amount of time is crucial. Research shows that most individuals need at least 90 days of inpatient treatment to largely reduce or stop their drug use. Recovery is a long-term process.
  • Treatment programs should be unique to each individual. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation should be designed to each person’s needs and adjusted as needed.

Each person’s situation is different. The best way for you to determine how long inpatient treatment will be for you or your loved one is to speak with our admissions team for an initial assessment.

How To Determine The Right Inpatient Treatment Program For You​

What is the right treatment program for you? Every person who needs addiction treatment is diverse and every inpatient treatment facility provides a variety of different treatment programs. Choosing the best treatment facility may feel exhausting so it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions. Some questions you should ask when deciding which treatment center is best for you should include:

  • Is the program licensed and accredited by the Joint Commission, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or similar quality of care accreditation?
  • What types of addictions does the treatment center treat?
  • What kind of aftercare options does this inpatient rehab provide?
  • Who is involved with the treatment team?
  • What are my payment options? Will my insurance cover treatment?
  • Can I use a cellphone at an inpatient drug rehab center?
  • What types of therapy does the facility provide?

Start Residential Treatment at Riverside Recovery

Riverside Recovery’s residential program is located at our campus in Tampa overlooking the beautiful Hillsborough River. This setting is the ideal location for our clients to focus on their healing process and begin their personal journey to long-term recovery. Every aspect of our facility was thoughtful, intentional and designed to create an atmosphere that promotes peace and well-being.

Our residential program provides an intense, highly structured and therapeutically supportive experience designed to educate each client on their addiction and treat the underlying factors that exacerbate their disease. Riverside Recovery utilizes the most effective, evidenced-based therapeutic modalities along with engaging experiential therapies. With these methods, we’ve created a rich program designed to help each patient gain insight into their addiction and begin discovering the tools needed to create real change in their lives. Our multidisciplinary approach addresses the needs of the whole person — mind, body and spirit — and provides strong resources to address addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Program Components

We know every story is different and every client will have unique needs. As such, each treatment plan will vary and will be individually tailored to address the specific factors that contribute to our clients’ substance use and co-occurring disorders. The treatments we provide and the skills we teach will be tailored to every client’s strengths and interests to ensure long-term, sustainable recovery. Additionally, we have specialty groups for patients that have come to treatment with past trauma or hold positions in sensitive career fields.

Begin Recovery Now

Riverside Recovery of Tampa understands all of the emotional challenges of addiction recovery and is here to support you or your loved one. Contact us today for more information.

Impaired Professionals

Certain career paths come with unique stressors or high-powered lifestyles that frequently lead to drug and alcohol abuse. Our programs for impaired professionals are specifically designed to treat the unique needs of professionals in the health care, legal, business, and entertainment fields. 

Specialized groups will address how addiction and recovery affect individuals in highly sensitive careers. Group is appropriate for healthcare professionals (dentists, doctors, nurses, mental health), lawyers, pilots, public service professionals (paramedics, firefighters, police officers), and public figures (singers, actors, senators, celebrities, etc.).

Family Program

Riverside Recovery recognizes that addiction is a family disease and the effects of substance abuse reach beyond the patient. Research has also shown that engaging family members in the recovery process improves client outcomes through more targeted support and greater understanding. For these reasons, in addition to regular individualized care, each client is also eligible to participate in our Family Program at any level of care.

Our program consists of two weekly sessions that include family counseling and group meetings, as well as monthly multi-family workshops. Family sessions take place on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to account for loved ones’ daily schedules. This program aims to educate families about the patterns of distrust, identify broken attachments, and enhance effective communication.

Finding an Inpatient Rehab Center Near You

Finding an appropriate treatment program can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many different tools to help you find an inpatient center near you including the following options:

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a behavioral health locator tool.
  • Contacting our admissions team for assistance locating a local addiction treatment center.
  • A referral from your physician, therapist, or a trusted family member or friend.

If you or your loved one is seeking help for addiction in the Tampa, Florida area, we encourage you to contact us today. Our residential program is available to men and women anywhere in the United States struggling with substance abuse and addiction to a range of substances.

Our helpful admissions team is here to connect you with the treatment and resources you need. If you are a good fit for our programs, we will help you begin the admissions process right away. We will evaluate your situation and match you with the best level of care so you can start your journey of healing and take steps back toward a fulfilling, sober life.


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