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How Can We Teach Our Children to Express Their Emotions?

One of the things we learn as recovering addicts is just how harmful it can be to deny and suppress our feelings. The more we avoid feeling our difficult emotions, the harder they become to deal with, and we develop coping mechanisms that often coincide with, or develop into, addictive patterns. Many of us feelRead More

How Are Individualized Treatment Plans Helpful?

When we enter treatment, we’re beginning a recovery journey that will be multi-faceted, with multiple different components to help us heal fully and holistically. One of the most helpful elements that many recovery programs offer is individualized treatment plans. With all the different approaches to recovery, not everything is going to work for everyone. SomeRead More

How Can Dissociation Impact Our Recovery?

Sometimes when we dissociate, or numb and detach ourselves from our pain, we’ve detached from certain truths and not others. Sometimes we can be fully aware of the extent of our addictions, and even of our mental health issues, but the reality of it all is just too much for us to bear. We feelRead More

How Does Dissociation Relate to Our Addictions? 

Dissociation is one of the many mental health patterns we can develop, especially after we’ve endured crippling trauma, grief, loss, and other painful experiences. Dissociation can lead to habitual behavioral patterns that we often aren’t conscious of but that can become our default habits. It can morph into anxiety disorders or identity/personality disorders. Dissociation refersRead More

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