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How Can I Stop Letting Mental Illness Define Me? 

For those of us struggling with mental illness, we have a tendency to allow our mental health issues to define us and to let the stigmas around mental illness control our lives. We craft our identities around our struggles with illness. They become the foundation for our self-perception. They taint our self-image and our feelingsRead More

How Can Negative Thinking Impact Our Recovery? 

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues have developed strong patterns of negative thinking, and as we work to heal, we realize that our thought patterns have a significant impact on our ability to recover. Our negative recurring thoughts become our beliefs, and they become instilled in our consciousness, affecting everything fromRead More

What Are Some Hidden Signs of Addiction?

Sometimes as addicts we engage in behaviors that are toxic and unhealthy, behaviors that reflect our addictions but that we don’t necessarily associate with addiction because they appear to be less dangerous and destructive as the ones we do think of us as problematic. We think because we’re not angry and volatile, violent or abusive,Read More

How Do We Stop Resenting the Addicts in Our Lives?

 Sometimes as the loved ones of addicts, we have emotions surrounding them and their addictions that we don’t understand, that we can’t seem to come to terms with, accept or make peace with. Our resentment towards the addicts in our lives is one of these complicated emotions we struggle to make sense of. We’re filledRead More