Did You Know January Is Mental Wellness Month?

January has been celebrated as Mental Wellness Month for several decades in order to encourage people to focus on mental health and well-being. While this month provides an opportunity to raise mental health awareness, Riverside Recovery of Tampa recognizes the importance of mental wellness every month. For those who struggle with substance use disorders, Riverside Recovery of Tampa offers available treatment options to improve mental wellness and overcome addiction.

The Purpose of Mental Wellness Month

Mental Wellness Month is a time to focus on all of the elements that make up mental well-being, such as emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual factors. Working on improving mental wellness can help lower the risk of developing serious mental illness and boost your quality of life overall. From creative hobbies and physical activity to quality time with loved ones, there are several positive ways to celebrate mental wellness this month. Those going through recovery, as well as those suffering from mental illness or have loved ones who have suffered, can focus on mental wellness in the following ways discussed in this article.

4 Ways To Celebrate Mental Wellness Month


Taking good care of yourself overall helps boost your mental wellness by helping you stay physically and emotionally healthy. Self-care has been even more important for mental well-being during the pandemic, especially for those who have been spending most of their time alone and those who are sick or have loved ones who are sick. Practicing self-care can be done in several ways, such as making sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. Since it’s easy to overlook self-care in your day-to-day life, use this month to get into the habit of taking care of yourself.

Connecting with Friends and Loved Ones

Staying social is an important part of protecting your mental health and improving your mental wellness. Connecting with friends and family on a regular basis can help prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness that can negatively impact your mental health. Spending time with family and friends who typically have a positive outlook can also be a big help when you’re struggling with depression or other mental health problems. Keep in mind that there are ways to safely interact with loved ones during the pandemic, such as through video chat, so that you don’t miss out on being socially active.

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Get Active

Keeping your brain and body busy can help you feel mentally healthier overall. Physical activity can include working out indoors if it’s too cold to go out or heading outside for fresh air and exercise on milder days. You can also give your brain a workout with a new hobby or two, such as learning a new language or taking up photography. If you have old positive hobbies that you enjoyed doing, consider making these part of your daily life again to improve your mental wellness.

Journaling and Meditation

Part of caring for your mental wellness includes reducing stress in your everyday life. Journaling and meditation provide effective ways to manage stress and lower anxiety on a daily basis. Journaling involves writing your thoughts and worries down in order to get them out of your head, while meditation involves learning to let thoughts drift by without focusing on them or letting them cause stress. Both of these activities offer ways for you to work on developing a sense of inner peace while also building healthier ways to manage stress.

Having positive ways to celebrate Mental Wellness Month this month can help you build healthy habits to practice all year round. These simple ways to boost mental wellness offer effective ways to stay healthier and happier on an ongoing basis whether you’re currently in recovery or adjusting to life after rehab.

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