How Do I Find Inner Peace?

This question is at the root of our healing and recovery. Without inner peace, we can’t really experience true wellness. How do we find inner peace? The process of finding inner peace involves going beyond our pain, beyond our fears, to access that deep part of ourselves that is connected to our spirit and our higher power. Inner peace is not the absence of pain, because pain is an inevitable part of life. It is, instead, the process of finding ways to live our lives with joy, calm and balance, in the midst of everything going on in our lives.

Our recovery process is unique to us, to who we are as individuals, our particular experiences, our unique wounds and fears. Our journey to inner peace is linked to our recovery. We can look at the two processes as being essentially one and the same, so our process of finding inner peace will also be unique to us. Here are some healing tools that work for people that might help you too. Through trial and error, you will find the things that work for you. Don’t give up! Finding our peaceful center takes time, energy and work, so let’s be patient and understanding with ourselves.

Meditation can help us to calm our minds and slow our thoughts in order to access the inner peace that is always within us, that is always there for us, waiting for us to access it. Breathing exercises and repeating affirmations are meditative practices you can try. Singing, humming, and chanting, such as chakra syllable chanting, as well as yoga and reiki, are all powerful, meditative energy healing practices that can help direct us toward inner peace. Journal writing and creative writing are also tools people use to find peace within them.

Gratitude holds the energy of inner peace. When we are able to focus on what we are grateful for in life and in ourselves, we can invoke a deep sense of inner peace. We are placing our energy and our attention on the goodness in our lives, in the goodness of who we are as people. This is a powerful way to access our inner peace. Try listing the things you are grateful for each day, meditate on them, and make them part of a regular gratitude practice. You might notice that you start finding more to be grateful for, easily and naturally, bringing you a sense of peace throughout your day.

There are many healing tools we can use to find inner peace. We’re here to help you find what works for you. Call (800) 871-5440.