Finding Sources of Strength in Recovery

When we are struggling with our addictions and mental health issues, we very often aren’t tapped into our inner strength to guide us. We feel powerless in dealing with our challenges. Along our path to recovery, however, we find sources of strength that help us to believe in ourselves and our recovery, that remind us that we are strong and capable.


Finding community is invaluable to our recovery process. Being with other people who are struggling with similar issues and who understand our challenges on a personal level can remind us we’re not alone. We can gain strength from connecting with other people. We can empower ourselves and each other. We can help each other to believe in ourselves again. Community can come in the form of family or friends, a support group, a local volunteer organization, or interest group. There are countless ways to create community for ourselves, and it can be as easy as spending time with other people and making the choice to connect rather than isolate.


We can find incredible strength in gratitude. Where we are often focused on our weaknesses, our faults, and everything going on that is negative, gratitude teaches us to seek out the positive and the beautiful. Gratitude helps us to find the joy and the blessings in everything. We can even be grateful for our challenges. They teach us resilience, strength, understanding and compassion for other people. They heighten our awareness and raise our consciousness. They allow us to better serve others. Gratitude can be one of the most empowering and strengthening tools we can give ourselves in our recovery.

Higher Power

In our addictions, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture of our lives. We are consumed with our egos, our sense of self, and forget that we are spiritual beings with more to us than our thinking minds. When we open ourselves up to spiritual consciousness, many of us come to find that there is a higher power that lives within each of us. We can choose to believe that this higher power is helping to guide, direct and support us with love. We can feel comforted and reassured knowing we are never alone, that our higher power is within. We can find an incredible source of strength and resilience when we open ourselves to our spirits.

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