How Can We Change Our Mentality to Manifest Healing?

In order to heal ourselves, we have to have a mental and emotional foundation that supports our recovery, that strengthens and empowers us to be able to heal ourselves. Oftentimes we have a mentality of self-doubt, insecurity and perceived inadequacy. We don’t actually believe we can heal. We don’t believe we’re good enough to have what we want in life. We don’t believe we deserve to be happy. Conscious manifestation requires that our perspective, our thought patterns and our belief systems all be in alignment with what it is we want to manifest. It’s so important that we transform our mentality in order to manifest healing.

We want to create an internal environment of thoughts and emotions that support recovery and that foster a sense of well-being and inner peace. It’s virtually impossible to heal our addictions, mental health issues and any other mental, emotional affliction if our internal environment is still full of chaos, inner turmoil and instability. We want to prioritize becoming more grounded and centered within ourselves. We want to feel secure within ourselves and at peace. We can help ourselves cultivate these feelings through meditation and by practicing other mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing and visualization.

We can also write and repeat calming, empowering affirmations that help us to create an internal energy supportive of our healing. I am at peace within myself. I am healing myself. I am capable of recovery. I am strong enough to make healthy decisions for myself. I trust myself to make good choices. I am empowered. I am strong. The more we repeat these statements, the more we reprogram our subconscious mind to believe that recovery is possible and that we are in fact capable of manifesting it for ourselves.

Another way we can change our mentality is by choosing to surround ourselves with people who believe recovery is possible. If we are continuously around naysayers and skeptics, their doubt and cynicism will most likely rub off on us. We want to feel uplifted and encouraged by the people we’re around. We want our own energy and the energy of our relationship dynamics to be fully supportive of our healing.

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