Making the Most of Treatment

When we make the decision to get sober, many of us will seek professional help with our recovery program. For many of us, entering treatment is a scary and overwhelming undertaking. We might still be suffering from depression and other mental health issues. We might feel resistance to doing the work, partly because our addictions are still trying to convince us that we need them, that we’re too dependent and too strongly attached to give them up. We’re afraid of what it will mean to be in recovery, to no longer have a drug or behavior to numb our pain. We’re afraid of having to live life without our usual coping mechanisms and ways of self-medicating. When we enter treatment, we’ll want to push ourselves to really face our fears so that we don’t allow them to keep us from getting the most out of our experience. We want to have as rewarding and fulfilling an experience as we possibly can. There are some ways we can help ourselves do this.

One way we can make sure we’re making the most of our time in treatment is by facing our fear of judgment that keeps us from reaching out for help, asking questions and doing the work. We’re afraid we’ll be looked down upon, even though we might know consciously that our recovery community has our best interests at heart. We want to be unafraid to dig deep and do the tough inner healing work we’ve been putting off for so long. We want to push ourselves to work through our shyness, uneasiness and trepidation so that we can fully participate in the programs being offered. We want to encourage ourselves to take part in all of the classes, workshops and activities available to us, including the ones we don’t think we need, because there is something to be learned in everything.

Another helpful way of maximizing our treatment experience is by connecting with other people. We learn so much from each other’s stories, from other people’s wisdom, guidance and lived experience. We’re not meant to recover alone, in isolation. There is a reason why group therapy and support group meetings are so effective. We thrive when we build together, in community and partnership with others with similar goals and values. We grow and transform exponentially when we challenge ourselves to learn as much we can, both from the professionals helping us and from our fellow clients in recovery. We can bolster our chances for success, and make the most of our time in treatment, when we make the choice to come out of our shell and really connect with other people and learn from them.

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