How Can We Heal Our Brokenness?

Our pain, our traumatic experiences, our fears and our difficult life circumstances can all leave us feeling broken, wounded, damaged and brokenhearted. We can feel empty, lost and incomplete. These feelings are normal, natural and common, they are part of human nature, but if we don’t actively work to heal them, they can contribute to our self-destructiveness, our addictions and our mental health issues. How can we heal the brokenness we feel?

We can start by examining where this feeling of brokenness is coming from. What caused us to feel broken in the first place? Was it losing a loved one? Was it being the victim of abuse? Was it the constant feeling of being unfulfilled and not living your purpose? Whatever it was, it’s not too late to heal from it. We often continue to feel broken long after the traumatic experience or issue in question because we don’t feel whole and complete within ourselves, as we are. We don’t feel good enough. We don’t believe in ourselves. We feel weak and overpowered, especially by our addictions and mental illnesses. Let’s affirm to ourselves that we are stronger than our pain and our fear. We are capable of healing ourselves. Let’s uplift ourselves in how we think and speak about ourselves.

Facing our past, the past that we feel broke us, can be one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. There are suppressed memories to unearth, things we’ve blocked out, things we’ve been in denial about and ashamed of. It’s time to face these things. We cannot heal that which we don’t confront. Let’s remind ourselves that nothing can break us unless we allow it to. Nothing in the past can destroy us. We are stronger than every bit of pain we’ve been through.

Work with a therapist or spiritual guide to examine exactly why you feel you aren’t good enough or complete as you are. Did someone tell you when you were a child that you were inadequate, that you wouldn’t amount to anything? Did you internalize your trauma as a reflection of your unworthiness? Dismantle your limiting beliefs around your self-worth and actively work to love and accept yourself just as you are.

The brokenness we feel isn’t a true reflection of who we are. We have to change our perspective. We have to build up our unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. We have to empower ourselves to face our fear and our pain, so that we can come out on the other side of it, resilient, strong, powerful and whole.

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