Can We Enjoy the Healing Process? 

When we’re working to recover, we tend to have our focus set on the end goal, the finish line, the goal of sobriety. Everything we’re working for is for our sobriety. Every change we make, every intention we set, every goal we have, is for our sobriety. We sometimes get so caught up on reaching the finish line, the destination point, that as we’re working towards recovery, all we can see is this huge space between where we are and where we want to be. We’re more focused on how much work we have yet to do than all the work we’ve already done. We become obsessed with the changes we need to make rather than applauding the huge changes we’ve already made. We’re so focused on the end goal that we forget to slow down and take full advantage of each precious moment. Can we learn to enjoy the healing process, rather than trying to rush through it and push ourselves through it? 

The recovery process is difficult, taxing, overwhelming and draining, but part of why it’s so challenging for us is because we’re being overly hard on ourselves to get to the finish line of sobriety and rushing ourselves to get there. What would it feel like to slow down and take our recovery one day at a time? Might we be able to appreciate the unfolding of our healing journey? Rather than keeping our eye squarely on the end goal, we could also be exploring our inner world, not only all of the difficult thoughts and emotions that contribute to our addictions, but all the ones that support and reinforce our healing – our hope, motivation and inspiration. We could focus on the joys of life, the gratitude we feel for who we are and the life we’re living, the splendor of the natural world around us, the gifts we receive every day in the form of help and support from other people, the blessings of our nurturing relationships. We could focus on all the beautiful things we’ve learned, all of the powerful self-development we’ve been putting into effect, all the huge, courageous changes we’ve been making to our lives. We could focus on how much growth and expansion we’ve experienced, how much we’ve already improved upon ourselves and our circumstances. We could choose to be proud of ourselves and appreciate ourselves. 

When we focus on the unfolding of our healing journey, when we see the beauty in our strength and empowerment as we recover, we can give ourselves a whole new outlook on our recovery. This new perspective can help us enjoy our lives as we’re living them, so that we don’t look back with regret and wish we had taken time to appreciate just how much healing we’ve done.

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