How Do I Transform My Limiting Beliefs?

When we become more mindful of our self-talk and limiting beliefs, we can start to shift our perception and create healthier, more empowering beliefs about ourselves. This process takes time and practice but is invaluable to our recovery. When we work to believe in ourselves, our potential for healing grows exponentially.

Let’s take our limiting beliefs and literally create the opposite belief. Where we feel “I’m not good enough,” let’s transform that into “I am good enough.” Where we tell ourselves, “I am a failure,” let’s say instead, “I am destined for success.” Where our inner voice says, “I will always be an addict,” let’s start to say, “I am healing. I am on the path to recovery. I can do this.”

Start to repeat your new beliefs out loud, write them down, allow them to become the basis for your new inner dialogue. “I believe in myself. I am strong. I am powerful.” The subconscious mind is responsible for the majority of our thoughts, and it responds well to both the written word and to repetition. Keep repeating these new beliefs, allow them to sink in and permeate your mind. Soon you might notice that they become your default thought patterns, replacing the old, destructive, disempowering beliefs you held about yourself.

It is so important that we believe in our capacity for change. Very often we feel stuck. We feel trapped in our own minds. We feel like our minds control us, and we don’t believe we have the power to change them. We believe our thoughts and allow ourselves to be defined by them. As we learn more, we start to see that our thoughts are a product of our conditioning, and our beliefs are the thoughts we’ve allowed ourselves to perpetuate over the years. The ways in which we have been influenced by our environments, our families and our cultures play a major role in how we think. Luckily we can recondition ourselves to think the way we want to, and to develop the beliefs we want to have. With the power of neuroplasticity, our brains have the ability to change, modify themselves and adapt. We can imprint new beliefs on our minds that can become the basis for our thinking.  

If we are holding onto destructive, damaging beliefs about ourselves, we greatly impede our chances for recovery. How can we heal if we don’t believe we can? Creating empowering beliefs helps to set us up for success.

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