5 Tips For Staying Sober During Summer Break

Summer break is here, and there are a variety of ways to stay sober, including finding new hobbies and activities that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. Whatever your plans are for summer vacation, there is always an opportunity to keep yourself on track with sobriety. The most important thing you can do is to prepare and make sure you have all the tools available before starting or continuing your journey, including a support system, physical activity, healthy food options, and stress management techniques.

Here are some tips for staying sober over summer break that might help.

Sober Living Tips for The Summer

1. Create A Plan For The Day

We are all faced with the question of how to balance work and family life. Set goals and make sure you stick to them! Whether you use a digital calendar or a paper planner, write everything down so that there is a routine to stick to. Have a meal plan ready when you wake up in the morning, track water intake, appointments, and include inspirational quotes to help motivate you throughout the day. 

2. Find A Hobby That Will Keep Your Mind Off Drinking Or Drugs 

In order to maintain sobriety, sometimes we need a distraction. One way to stay sober is by filling your time with hobbies that you love. Hobbies have helped others in their journey of recovering from addiction. It could be anything from photography to cooking to painting. Reading can be done anywhere, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something relaxing to do after work or on the weekends when friends are out drinking or doing drugs. 

Other great ideas include painting, cooking, knitting, gardening, and volunteering. If you’re struggling to find a hobby, then talk with someone who has been through addiction recovery before as they may help generate ideas you haven’t thought of yet. 

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercising is an excellent way to keep your mind off of drinking or drugs. As we all know, it’s important to stay active and healthy in order to maintain a happy, fulfilled life. Exercise has been shown as a viable solution for addiction by helping people regain control over their lives. The benefits of exercise are many, including increased energy levels, better sleep quality, improved moods, and mental health conditions, and decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

It’s never too late or too early to exercise as even 10 minutes can make a difference! Find something you enjoy doing (running works well) and set goals that are achievable (like running five miles every week). Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away from where you are going so that you can walk a little more, or go for a quick jog around the block during lunch break! These simple changes can help make such an enormous difference in how you feel about yourself.  

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4. Make A List Of Things You Want To Do During Summer Break 

Some people create “bucket lists” which feature a list of activities or goals for a designated time. A summer bucket list can be a dreamy list of goals including going outside, playing with a pet, or going on a bike ride. Other ideas for your summer bucket list include:

  • Visit a new city: You don’t have to hop on a plane to explore. Try a quick road trip and explore a place you have never been to or plan an adventure across the country.
  • Learn a new skill that will help you in your career or personal life: Consider enrolling in an online course to learn a new technology or watch YouTube videos to learn a new language.
  • Take an improv class: Get rid of stage fright with a comedic class guaranteed to keep you on your toes. 
  • Read 30 books this summer: Challenge yourself with different genres and authors to see what you really enjoy reading. You can also do one book per month if you want something more manageable. And don’t forget about seasonal reads! The last few weeks of August tend to be all about horror novels and thrillers as people prepare for Halloween.  


5. Meditate Each Day 

There are many benefits of meditation for adults, and it has been proven to reduce chronic stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. It also helps with insomnia and pain management. The practice can help you feel happier, energized, and calm all at the same time! Try on your own or with the guidance of a teacher. 

There are many ways one can go about meditating, such as by sitting down, using mantras, or practicing yoga poses like downward dog. You can try downloading apps, like Calm or Peloton, and search for quick meditation classes to calm and center yourself each day. 

Summer may include more time outdoors, travel, or adventures with friends and family. Stay on your path to sobriety with these ideas to help develop new hobbies while staying focused on your goals. 

What To Do In The Event Of Relapse

Relapse is always a possibility, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. You just have to pick yourself back up and find some new strategies for your road to recovery. If you or your loved one relapses, it’s important to first contact your sponsor for support. Relapse should be taken seriously and seeking professional help or support should not be prolonged. It’s important to address the relapse before the problem snowballs into a major problem. 

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