How Can Self-Love Help Me Get Better?

Of all the healing tools we develop in our recovery process, self-love might be the most important. Self-love is the active process of giving ourselves love, accepting ourselves unconditionally, and respecting ourselves. Self-love is offering ourselves compassion, understanding and forgiveness. When we love ourselves, we set ourselves up for a greater chance of recovery.

Self-love allows us to heal the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves that we are unworthy, inadequate, inferior, undeserving. Many of us share these beliefs and feel on a daily basis that we just aren’t enough and don’t measure up. These beliefs are factors in our low self-esteem and low self-worth and can contribute to our depressions. We try to escape the pain of self-hate with our addictions. When we love ourselves, we undo this damage and create new beliefs that uplift and encourage us, that affirm for us that we can heal and be happy.

When we grow in self-love, we begin to prioritize inner peace. We get accustomed to the emotional turmoil, conflicts, overwhelm and confusion that come along with addictive behaviors and relationships. When we love ourselves, we start to really want what’s best for ourselves. We instinctively want to break the toxic patterns that hold us back. We want to stop the self-destructive habits that keep us from being happy. We want to separate ourselves from unhealthy relationships. We start to have less tolerance for the emotional upheaval we once were used to. We make better choices for ourselves. Working to have a greater sense of inner peace allows us to access the calm, stillness and quiet we need in order to heal.

As we strengthen our ability to create inner peace for ourselves, we start to see our lives differently. We start to feel more hopeful. We start to believe in ourselves more because we’re freeing ourselves of the emotional constraints we’ve placed upon ourselves for much of our lives. We start to feel more optimistic and positive. When we believe in ourselves and our ability to heal, we greatly improve our actual chances of healing. Our limiting beliefs have been blocking our progress, and when we work to create new beliefs we allow ourselves to really access our inner strength. We are capable of recovering, and when we believe that, when we really love ourselves, there are no limits to the happiness and healing we can attain for ourselves.

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