Why is it Important to Have Patience with Myself?

When we are working towards recovery, it is often after years of suffering with addictions, depression and other mental health issues. Oftentimes we’ve been struggling so long we feel fed up. We want to feel better as quickly as possible, which is totally understandable, but sometimes we are impatient with ourselves in recovery which can actually block our progress.

We didn’t hit rock bottom overnight. We’re not going to recover overnight. Recovery means lasting change not quick fixes, and that takes time. We are going to experience challenges, and we may even go backwards at times. Many of us relapse. When we’re dealing with these inevitable parts of the journey, sometimes our instinct is to beat ourselves up. We feel ashamed and remorseful. We’re consumed with regret. Being patient with ourselves is being conscious of our humanity and remembering none of us is perfect. Patience means embracing ourselves with self-acceptance, and choosing to focus on progress rather than perfection. It means giving ourselves compassion rather than withholding it. It means speaking to yourself with more kindness and empathy. “I know this is hard. I know you’re struggling, but I believe in you. I have faith in you. You can get through this.”

Everything is part of our journey, including the difficulties. Seeing the journey as beautiful, including the painful parts of it, helps us to embrace all of who we are and recover holistically. Be patient with yourself. This is a totally new way of thinking for many of us. Our instincts are to shun the parts of us that we don’t feel are good. We don’t want to feel pain, so we try to cast it aside. When we reject certain elements of ourselves, we aren’t fully experiencing self-love. Try to love all of who you are, including your pain. This isn’t easy, and it takes time and practice. Use affirmations to change your thought patterns and the way you communicate with yourself. “I am patient with myself. I am growing and changing, and that takes time. Healing is a process. I am healing every day. I am learning. I love myself unconditionally.”

When we are impatient with ourselves and reject parts of who we are, we often judge ourselves harshly, criticize our lack of progress and speak to ourselves with unkindness. Lack of patience and self-love blocks our recovery because we’re denying ourselves support and knocking ourselves down. We limit ourselves when we don’t believe in ourselves. Having patience with ourselves allows us to lift ourselves up and strengthen ourselves from within, greatly increasing our inner power for recovery. Be patient with yourself, believe in yourself and allow yourself the time it takes to heal and really step into your power.

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