How Can I Heal My Relationship with Myself?

Healing from addiction means addressing the root causes of our emotional issues, and for so many of us, our lack of self-love and self-destructiveness are major driving forces. We might be self-destructive because we blame ourselves for the traumatic experiences we’ve had. We might be holding onto shame and self-blame for issues our families went through. We might be so ashamed of our addictions and mental health issues that we totally deny ourselves of any compassion. How can we heal our self-destructiveness and mend our relationship with ourselves?

To really start being more self-loving and self-affirming, we have to heal our self-image and the ways in which we treat ourselves. Chances are you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. You might be quick to point out your flaws. You might harp on your physical imperfections and the characteristics about yourself you wish you could change. Our goal is to create self-acceptance, and to do that we have to learn to be comfortable with ourselves. Start spending more time alone. We might find it uncomfortable, lonely, even sad, but learning to embrace solitude is part of our self-love journey. When we’re self-destructive, we’re often embroiled in unhealthy relationships and attachments that take us away from our true selves, that stop us from connecting with who we really are. Commit to giving energy to reconnecting with yourself. Wonderful ways of doing this are journaling, meditating and having a gratitude practice. The more we focus on and illuminate our blessings, the happier we feel and the more we grow in self-love.

Start demonstrating more appreciation for yourself. Celebrate the things about yourself that make you feel happy, that you feel proud of and grateful for. When we are in a spiral of self-destruction, we can feel lost, confused, alone and desperate. Try to return to that calm, still place inside of you. Listen for that inner voice reminding you what you love about life. Maybe it’s your family. Maybe it’s music. Maybe it’s nature. Whatever it is you love about life, meditate on its light. Let that light fill you up and remind you of your beauty and goodness. Let that light be an anchor for you in the storm.

Choosing self-love and inner peace as our guiding motivation in everything we do can help us to defeat our patterns of self-destructiveness. We have the power to heal, and becoming conscious of our relationship with ourselves and transforming our self-perception are important steps.

Because many of us are in recovery ourselves, we have firsthand experience with the process of repairing our relationship with ourselves. We’re here to help you do the same. Call Riverside Recovery at (800) 871-5440 today.