How Can I Have a More Optimistic Outlook?

When we are struggling with addictions and mental health issues, many of us have adopted negative ways of thinking that influence our behaviors, our patterns, our overall energy. How do we change our outlook to be more positive, in order to manifest more of what we want in life?

Being optimistic is a habit that, just like any other habit, requires practice to be instilled. We essentially have to retrain our brains to start thinking differently. When we are pessimistic, we are focused on negative outcomes and worst-case scenarios. We think in terms of “What’s the worst that could happen?” We let that line of thinking drive us. We might be afraid to take chances. We might be afraid to set goals and follow our dreams, because we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s safer to keep ourselves small and avoid risk.

Let’s start thinking instead, “What’s the best that could happen?” Thinking this way opens us up to whole new worlds of possibility. It allows us to think in terms of hopefulness and opportunity. It reminds us of all the goodness that exists around us. It helps us to believe in ourselves more and in how powerful we can be when we act on that self-belief. Start to give yourself more encouragement where you might once have held yourself back. Become your own inner motivational speaker, and let this new attitude bring you excitement and hope for what’s to come.

One thing many of us tend to do is focus on the problem at hand, rather than the solution. Start to train your mind to think about solutions to problems, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. Focusing on the problem can cause it to magnify in our minds and can take us further away from solving it. The next time you’re faced with a problem or issue, try to take focus away from the negative aspects of the situation and direct your energy instead to brainstorming possible solutions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and no solutions are coming to you, try repeating affirmations such as “I will find a solution to this. A solution is on its way to me. Everything is working out as it is meant to.” Giving ourselves this encouragement when facing problems can greatly increase our chances of choosing an optimistic outlook, which in turn helps us to attract the solutions we’re hoping for.

Having an optimistic outlook helps us to create the lives we want for ourselves. Optimism helps us to remain strong and positive in the face of very real emotional challenges.

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