What Happens When We Feel Supported? 

Many of us struggling with addiction, unfortunately, have grown accustomed to not feeling supported in our daily lives, around our addictions and mental health issues, and pertaining to the intense issues and deep pain we’re experiencing. We’re used to our loved ones telling us to just snap out of our depression or to calm down when we’re feeling worried, stressed out or anxious. We’ve experienced people telling us to just quit our addictions, to make the choice to get sober, to stop being lazy, or to just work harder. When we don’t receive the support we need to help us get better, we’re also not receiving the understanding, validation, and compassion that can make all the difference in our recovery efforts. What happens when we feel supported?

Feeling supported reminds us we’re not alone. This helps us to come out of our shell, to stop isolating so much, and to let our guard down with other people who can help us. We’re able to confide in people for the first time in a long time. We’re able to share our stories and hear other people’s, receiving guidance, wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration from fellow recovering addicts. We’re able to connect with other people, when for so much of our lives we’ve felt totally disconnected, isolated, alone and ostracized. When we feel supported, we form communities and networks that can help us in our recovery work. We’re more inclined to allow people to help us, when for years we’ve been afraid to because we were so afraid of being judged. When we let ourselves receive help, we start to attract more opportunities for learning, growth, and expansion. With that often comes a desire to serve and help others. We want to return the favor by supporting other people. We feel called to do our part for the communities we’re a part of and pass on the love and support we’ve received. We’re more likely to want to help and serve others because we now feel we’re able to, in large part because we’ve now gotten the support we’ve needed for so long.

 When we feel supported, we have the strength of those around us augmenting and amplifying our strength and helping to empower us. We have the good wishes, the encouragement and the compassion of the people who love and care for us to keep us uplifted, to cheer us on, to help us stay motivated and inspired whenever we’re feeling down or afraid. Loving support in our recovery is often the missing ingredient for many of us, and it can help us to stop isolating ourselves, rejecting help, and adding to our suffering. 

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