What Happens When We Embrace Our Emotions?

Much of our lives revolve around finding ways to avoid feeling our emotions because they’re too painful, too scary to confront, too overwhelming and confusing. We reject our feelings and refuse to accept them as they are. When we do this, we’re not just resisting how we feel, we’re also rejecting entire parts of ourselves because our emotions are an inextricable part of who we are. They are reflections of our journey. They show us where we need healing and what parts of us need our love, care, nurturing and protection. They tell us very clearly when we haven’t been giving energy to self-care and personal transformation.

What if we were to embrace our emotions instead of rejecting and resisting them? What would happen if we allowed ourselves to be open and vulnerable to feeling all of our emotions, rather than carefully selecting the ones we think are safe and positive, and refusing to feel the rest?

 When we embrace our emotions, we become more full, whole, complete versions of ourselves. We connect with ourselves in much deeper, most honest and more transparent ways. We start to see ourselves for who we truly are. We see beyond the facades, the masks we wear, the identities we try to embody, and the people we’re pretending to be. We learn to accept who we are and love ourselves just as we are, letting ourselves feel all the emotions we’ve been afraid to feel for so long. We start to be more in touch with the real, genuine, flawed but unique and powerful versions of ourselves. This in turn helps us to have more authentic connections with other people. Our relationships improve and become healthier, more honest and more loving. We start to attract relationships with people who mirror our authenticity and who want to get to know us for who we are, people who are similarly committed to healing and personal growth. We develop ourselves in powerful ways and experience meaningful transformation. We’re finally able to heal our deep emotional wounds because we’re no longer afraid to feel and experience them, a necessary step in the healing process. We’re finally able to be at peace with ourselves and our lives.

Our emotions are a beautiful part of life. When we learn to embrace them and move through them rather than allowing them to debilitate us and keep us stuck and paralyzed by fear, they show us how beautiful and powerful we truly are. They show us the full spectrum of life experience and the vastness of human nature. They teach us valuable life lessons and bring about incredible spiritual tests. They connect us with our inner selves, with each other and with our spirits. 

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