How Can Grounding Help with Addiction?

Our addictions and mental health issues can contribute to our feeling lost, scared and overwhelmed. We can feel as though we are not centered or grounded within ourselves and our lives. We don’t feel safe or secure. We have a hard time being present and embracing the moment. Grounding is a way of reconnecting with the earth beneath us. It can help us to find our center, to feel supported, protected and nurtured.

We know just how tumultuous living with addictions can be. Often when we find ourselves dealing with difficult circumstances and relationships, it is because we are not at peace within ourselves and have attracted these into our lives. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and a direct manifestation of it. A beautiful way of finding inner peace amidst the turbulence is to ground ourselves. Grounding, or earthing, has various health benefits including decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and inflammation.

We can ground ourselves in various ways. One way is to walk barefoot on the earth. Find a garden, park, beach or other natural area, even a small patch of grass, soil or sand, and take off your shoes, allowing your feet to have an unobstructed connection with the earth beneath them. We lose our connectedness with the planet with our modern lifestyles. We prefer busyness and chaos to stillness and contemplation. Take time to sit with the earth. Be reminded that it is supporting you and giving you life. Be grateful.

Find a tree and hug it. Don’t worry about what people think! Trees are known for balancing our vibrational frequencies and cleansing our energy, not to mention purifying our air, allowing us to breathe. We can visualize ourselves rooted down, deep into the earth, just as the trees are. We can be reminded how interconnected life is on this beautiful planet. We can allow ourselves to feel as though the earth is supporting us in our lives.

Spend some time with plants, whether growing them at home or in your garden, or simply observing them around you. Let their peaceful stillness calm you and inspire you to find stillness in your life. Imagine your roots taking hold, in the earth, within your family, in the things that give you joy and purpose in life.

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