How Do I Find Alignment?

An important element in the recovery process is that of finding our alignment within ourselves, with our inner power, with our guiding higher power. When we are struggling with addictions and mental health issues, it is so easy to fall out of alignment, to feel lost, misguided and confused. Finding alignment is so necessary to moving forward in healthy ways, rather than staying stuck or going backwards. How do we find alignment?

When we are perpetuating our cycles of addiction and depression, we very often are caught up doing a lot. We’re using our drugs of choice. We’re acting in reckless ways and engaging in risky behaviors. We’re using anything we can find to distract ourselves from our pain. We’re isolating ourselves and actively trying to hide things from other people. We’re lying to ourselves and others, and we’re working hard to conceal the truth so that we can continue our patterns. To find alignment, we need to stop doing so much. We need to find stillness. We need to find the quiet and space within us that we need in order to find our center. Practice calming your mind with breathing exercises and affirmations such as, “I am calm. I am at peace within myself. I am creating stillness, quiet and space.” The more we can slow down our thoughts, the more we can listen for our inner voice which is always there within us but which we can have a hard time hearing over all of the busyness, mental chatter and distractions.

As we listen to our inner voice, a reflection our higher power, we find clues as to how to find alignment within ourselves. Our minds, hearts, souls and bodies are always sending us information on how to align ourselves with our inner power, with our higher power, with the perfection of the universe. What messages are you receiving? Perhaps your inner self is telling you to slow down, that accomplishment does not equal self-worth, that being too busy is taking you away from embracing each moment. Perhaps it is encouraging you to leave behind unhealthy partnerships and trying to teach you self-love and self-respect. Perhaps it is telling you to take action on that dream you’ve been holding out on.

When we are in alignment, we are connected on a deep level to our intuition, to our inner strength, to our guiding forces. We feel at peace within ourselves. We feel like we’re going in the right direction, like things are working out well for us, like we’re on the path we’re meant to take. When we aren’t in alignment, we are working against our highest good. We’re self-sabotaging and self-destructing. We’re holding ourselves back and going about things in ways that don’t serve us. To recover and find true inner peace, we have to find our alignment and work to maintain it.

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