How to Handle a Drug or Alcohol Related Arrest

Discussing the stress of being arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense. Here are some tips and ways to use it as an opportunity for growth.

Being arrested for a drug or alcohol-related crime is an especially stressful situation that many of us experience. The arrest itself can be embarrassing and cause us a great deal of disappointment and shame. When the arrest is for drugs or alcohol, we can be especially impacted by it, given how tumultuous our histories with addictions often are. There are usually many factors at play in the arrest, such as what kind of drugs were involved and where the incident took place. These factors will determine whether it will be considered a misdemeanor or felony and whether charges will be filed at all. Much of the details are out of our hands. However, here are a few helpful tips on how to handle this very difficult situation.

 It’s important to try and remain as calm as possible, given the circumstances. It’s understandable that you might feel inclined to panic. However, staying centered and calm will help you to avoid more trouble, including additional grounds for arrest and increased charges. Employ some of the techniques you’ve learned in recovery, such as mindfulness practices. Don’t resist arrest and try to remember that your behavior during arrest and while being held can be submitted as evidence. Anything you say or do, as well as any documents you sign can all be used as evidence. You’ll want to get in touch with a lawyer as quickly as possible and not say or do anything without that lawyer present, especially things that might worsen your case, such as signing confessions, saying anything that might be incriminating, or acting hostile or belligerent.

Your lawyer may be able to request bail for you, and if it’s granted, you won’t have to await your trial date behind bars. If you receive bail, it can often be a great idea to seek out treatment on your own, before it’s even recommended by a judge. If a judge sees that you’re already taking your health and well-being seriously and you’re truly committed to turning things around for yourself, he or she might lessen your overall charges or sentence you to rehab rather than jail time. Showing initiation to help yourself recover can be extremely helpful to your case, particularly if this is not your first drug or alcohol-related arrest. While being arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense is stressful, we can see it as a wake-up call, as well as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and get the help we need.

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