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Florida’s PRN and IPN Programs

Taking a look at the Impaired Practitioners Programs in the state of Florida. Healthcare providers need care, too. The state of Florida has two Impaired Practitioners Programs: Professionals Resource Network (PRN), and Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). The PRN and its medical director work with the Department of Health and the Department of Business andRead More

Insurance Coverage and Substance Abuse

Worrying about the cost of recovery programs can be a huge source of stress. Thankfully, most insurance plans cover the cost of treatment.  One of our biggest concerns as recovering addicts, one that can cause us a lot of stress, worry, and anxiety, is how we will cover the cost of our recovery treatment program.Read More

How Are Individualized Treatment Plans Helpful?

When we enter treatment, we’re beginning a recovery journey that will be multi-faceted, with multiple different components to help us heal fully and holistically. One of the most helpful elements that many recovery programs offer is individualized treatment plans. With all the different approaches to recovery, not everything is going to work for everyone. SomeRead More

The Need for Self-Expression

A look at the various ways addiction can impact modes of self-expression. Recovery helps us realize how important creativity and expression truly are.  Our struggles with addiction and mental health issues can cause us to stifle parts of ourselves that were once integral to our lives. We suppress certain qualities or interests out of painRead More

Conscious Enlightenment and Recovery

Exploring some of the deep energetic possibilities that exist after we embrace sobriety. When we raise our consciousness, get to know ourselves and the universe, and remain open, the possibilities are endless.  The farther into our healing journey we go, the more we realize that recovery opens us up to deep and meaningful self-exploration thatRead More