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Recap: Spotlight on Riverside Recovery by Florida Health Care News

The Florida Health Care News website recently published a feature article on Riverside Recovery and our unique approach to addiction recovery treatment. The article, titled “Restoring Health and Hope,” was the product of a collaboration with longtime Florida Health Care News writer Patti DiPanfilo — it highlights our process and raises awareness about addiction treatmentRead More

The Cyclical Patterns of Addiction

Those of us struggling with addiction often find ourselves living with patterns that many of us share in common. There are certain life cycles many of us experience pertaining to our addiction. Addiction is all-encompassing and touches every area of our lives, from our mental and emotional health, to our relationships, to our work. UnderstandingRead More

Understanding Substance Dependency

Abusing and overusing substances such as narcotic drugs and alcohol can cause us to become mentally, emotionally and physically dependent upon them. We feel as though we can’t live without them, and our dependence can very quickly and easily lead to a debilitating addiction. It is not uncommon for us to start to think thatRead More

Addiction and Separation

When we’re in the grips of addiction, one of the things we’re known to do is distance ourselves from the people trying to help us. We prioritize our addiction, so we push away anything or anyone threatening to get in the way of it. The separation can be especially hard on our loved ones whoRead More

Riverside Recovery: Refuge in Tampa for Those Struggling with Addiction – Tampa WTSP 10 News

Riverside Recovery: Refuge in Tampa for Those Struggling with Addiction – Tampa WTSP 10 News We were recently featured by Tampa WTSP 10 News to talk about our treatment programs and our experience with substance abuse recovery. Two of our core staff members, Dr. Michael Sore, medical director, and Elizabeth Stockton, marketing director, were interviewed.Read More

The Rise of Addiction in Teenagers

Drug and alcohol use in teenagers is on the increase, and there are some key factors in this disturbing trend. Part of the problem is that young people’s brains are still developing, so when they start using drugs and alcohol at an early age they are putting themselves at greater risk for both brain damageRead More

Bingeing and Self-Destruction

Bingeing is commonly misunderstood as being simply an inability to control one’s self or a problem with greed and gluttony. Just like with any addictive or compulsive behavior, there are often deeper meanings behind people’s bingeing. Using food bingeing as an example, bingers will eat long past when they are full, until they are uncomfortable,Read More

Understanding Bullying

We usually associate bullying with mean-spirited children picking on and abusing innocent children, but bullying is a phenomenon that happens with people of all ages, and the principles are the same for both adults and children. Many of us who experience addiction and mental health issues at one time or another have been bullied inRead More

Staying Calm in a Crisis

Living with addictions, depression and other mental health issues means we will inevitably experience difficult moments of crisis in our lives. How we respond to a crisis can determine how we will manage to get through it. We experience conflicts in our relationships, difficult matters related to our health and wellbeing, financial difficulties, and muchRead More