Riverside Recovery of Tampa | Alumni Program

Recovery from addiction is an ongoing journey of learning and growth that does not necessarily end upon leaving treatment programs. Riverside Recovery of Tampa is committed to supporting you during your recovery journey, and encourages you and your loved ones to stay connected.

Our alumni program is a community of Riverside Recovery of Tampa alumni who stay connected with one another and participate in various ways that encourage our graduated clients to continue living life in recovery.

Our program provides our former clients with connection, accountability, support, strength, and encouragement to promote their new life in recovery. The alumni program is included in each individual’s treatment plan at Riverside Recovery and offers support, and events such as our annual holiday party and other annual alumni meetings. Our Alumni Coordinator is available to help facilitate support and bridge the connection between Riverside alumni clients and our treatment facility.

Alumni Program Mission

Our alumni recovery mission is to provide a recovery support program that focuses on staying connected, providing assistance, preventing relapse, and promoting recovery from substance abuse.

Riverside Recovery of Tampa Alumni Program Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

Our actions are driven by passion, we treat people with respect in all dealings and we act with integrity, always.

Benefits of Our Alumni Program

Completing treatment is a major accomplishment in the journey to sobriety; however, staying sober demands ongoing commitment.

Finishing your treatment is a huge milestone, but putting it into practice and staying committed to recovery doesn’t end there. For those in recovery, returning to everyday life can be a difficult challenge. The alumni program provides resources and support to help people in recovery make a successful transition back into their lives.

The opposite of addiction is connection. The alumni program connects you with others who support sobriety and helps you find activities that can prove difficult without it. This program enables you to build new and maintain current meaningful relationships with people that can relate, understand and support your recovery.

A few benefits of being a member of Riverside Recovery’s alumni program include:

  • Participation in sober social events and activities
  • Service opportunities in the community and within the alumni program
  • Building relationships with individuals who understand addiction and recovery.
  • Motivating yourself and others through support groups and sharing stories of recovery
  • A supportive and collaborative environment
  • Opportunities to apply recovery skills in real life
  • Providing and receiving guidance for maintaining sobriety
  • Developing lifelong, meaningful connections
  • Establishing new and long-term healthy habits 
  • Live out relapse prevention and learn more about recovery 
  • Gain skills to repair past and current relationships
  • Building new relationships based on the foundation of recovery

Opportunities Available in our Rehab Alumni Program

Our alumni program offers various ways for members to remain connected and involved within the recovery community.

  • Monthly alumni events 
  • Text messages, personal follow-up calls,  virtual meetings, and emails to check in with you, offer support, and share news with you about Riverside’s alumni program.
  • Community service and other community-based activities
  • Recovery service opportunities such as taking on roles in the alumni program 
  • Sober activities and alumni events, like our annual alumni holiday party, cookouts, hiking or nature experiences, arts and crafts, sporting events, trips, and entertainment-based outings
  • A place to share your story across our social media channels and other platforms to provide hope and inspiration
  • Access to platforms and resources that provide regular access to recovery connection and community
  • An active support system to help you successfully overcome addiction recovery after treatment

Learn more about our Riverside Recovery Alumni online social groups:

Alumni Email Newsletter

Our alumni email newsletter is sent out monthly and has alumni testimonials, alumni event announcements, articles, and inspiring stories and experiences from alumni to keep you on track. 

We welcome and encourage all alumni to reach out to our Alumni Coordinator with their letters to share with staff their own experiences and updates about how they are doing and adjusting to daily life after treatment.

Are you an alumn who isn’t signed up for our monthly alumni email newsletters yet? Contact us at [email protected] or call (813) 279-6863 to start today. Find out more information about our alumni program and events.

By staying connected to treatment we can continue to heal and help one another stay on track on the road to recovery. 

Pathways to Healing

We’re all in this together.

Alumni programs provide social gatherings to foster lasting relationships. The type of activities available vary from place to place, but most types are offered. Our Alumni program works to deliver services near the treatment center and even remote events for anyone who wants connection.

Recovery is about regaining control of your life, and with the recovery process, everyone’s journey is unique. When looking for a program, a facility’s alumni support network and how the program encourages post-graduation involvement are crucial. At Riverside, we provide an active alumni network to help contribute significantly to one’s healing process and allow greater stability during challenging times. 

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Riverside Recovery of Tampa’s addiction treatment program is located on the Hillsborough River. Riverside provides support for anyone seeking help with addiction. We are able to offer confidential treatment programs to meet any of your continuing recovery needs.

Please reach out to our alumni team today at [email protected] or call (813) 279-6863 to learn more about the ways our alumni program can support your goals.