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How Can I Stop Letting Mental Illness Define Me? 

For those of us struggling with mental illness, we have a tendency to allow our mental health issues to define us and to let the stigmas around mental illness control our lives. We craft our identities around our struggles with illness. They become the foundation for our self-perception. They taint our self-image and our feelingsRead More

Attending 12-Step Meetings

As we commit to our recovery program, one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our sobriety is to make the effort to attend 12-Step meetings consistently. Just like working with a therapist and a sponsor, attending meetings can help us to address some of the deeply rooted mental and emotional healthRead More

What Happens When We Embrace Our Emotions?

Much of our lives revolve around finding ways to avoid feeling our emotions because they’re too painful, too scary to confront, too overwhelming and confusing. We reject our feelings and refuse to accept them as they are. When we do this, we’re not just resisting how we feel, we’re also rejecting entire parts of ourselvesRead More

Why Should We Discuss Our Trauma? 

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness have a hard time being open and honest when it comes to discussing our traumatic experiences. We shy away from talking about them at all. We avoid the subject and change it as quickly as possible whenever it comes up. We keep our traumas a secretRead More