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How Can We Teach Our Children to Express Their Emotions?

One of the things we learn as recovering addicts is just how harmful it can be to deny and suppress our feelings. The more we avoid feeling our difficult emotions, the harder they become to deal with, and we develop coping mechanisms that often coincide with, or develop into, addictive patterns. Many of us feelRead More

Positive vs. Negative Thinking

When we obsess over positive thinking, it’s easy to forget the lessons that our difficult thoughts have to teach us. Let’s learn the healing power of negative and positive thinking. It’s all about how we work through it. The importance of positive thinking is fundamental in our recovery from addiction and mental illness. We learnRead More

Our Lasting Regrets

Painful memories and feelings of remorse can drag us down. When we start talking about them, they start to lose their power over us and true healing begins. We come to associate our addictions with the many things we regret. These regrets might include the ways in which we’ve hurt the people we care about,Read More

What is Emotional and Behavioral Relapse?

When we think of relapse, we think of falling back into our addictive patterns and picking up our drug of choice again after working so hard to get sober. We think of the temptation, addictive urges, and compulsive behaviors we associate with it. There are in fact other ways to relapse that don’t necessarily involveRead More

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