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Recovery for Loved Ones of Addicts

Recovery is not just for addicts. It’s important that we look at our own health and well-being and find recovery, healing, and peace.  When our loved ones are struggling with addiction, we obviously have the desire to help them. It’s so difficult to see the people we care about in pain. However, it’s easy toRead More

The Pain of Our Secrets

Holding onto secrets is painful. Here’s why it’s so important to let go, speak our truth, and accept support.  When we abuse an addictive substance or behavior, it is often to try and escape some form of pain we have buried within us. For many of us, this pain lies in the secrets we’re keeping.Read More

Al-ATot and Al-ATeen Programs for Children

Young people living with adults struggling with addiction, face unique challenges, many of which are rarely addressed because, as we know, there is often a culture of silence, shame, avoidance and denial surrounding addiction. The Al-ATot and Al-ATeen programs are designed for these children who might not be able to discuss their parents’ or caregivers’Read More

How Do We Stop Resenting the Addicts in Our Lives?

 Sometimes as the loved ones of addicts, we have emotions surrounding them and their addictions that we don’t understand, that we can’t seem to come to terms with, accept or make peace with. Our resentment towards the addicts in our lives is one of these complicated emotions we struggle to make sense of. We’re filledRead More