Why is Balance Important for Recovery?

Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve when we are struggling with addictions and mental health issues. We often are excessive in our habits. We go from one extreme to another. We might go from indulging in our addictive behaviors in reckless ways to isolating ourselves and separating ourselves entirely from the rest of our lives. Why is it important to have balance when we are working towards recovery?

Creating balance in our lives is about finding our center, feeling at peace and balanced within ourselves, having systems in place that we can fall back on when things are overwhelming. Without creating balance for ourselves, we are susceptible to the push and pull of our addictions, depression, anxiety and other challenges. We might find ourselves lost in our mood swings and heightened emotions. We might have a hard time recovering from setbacks and feel knocked around by life’s circumstances.

We need equilibrium in order to have emotional resilience. Challenges are an inevitable part of life. When we have balance, we can more easily bounce back from difficulties. We can rise above the challenges we’re presented with to see the big picture – that our spiritual tests are here to strengthen us. We find our balance tested all the time. When we are triggered, when we are confronted with issues from our past, when we are reminded of old wounds, we are being asked to create balance within ourselves, for ourselves, in order to move forward with grace and peace.

When we don’t have balance, we’re more likely to default back to our same old patterns and habits, many of which were self-destructive and harmful. We’re more likely to fall off the wagon and relapse. We go backwards. We need balance in order to ride the momentum of our forward progression. Otherwise we can be easily knocked off our path and forget where we are headed.

Balance looks different for everyone. It is up to each of us to determine what balance means specifically for us. It might mean making sure to devote time to a regular spiritual practice. It might mean having a community around you to support you. It might mean making sure work doesn’t dominate your time with family. It can take time to design a balanced life that makes us feel hopeful and motivated to keep going. Take the time to find your sense of balance, and then work to maintain it as you work towards recovery so that you can achieve true inner peace.

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