Tyler Schramm

Job Title: Admissions Coordinator
Tyler was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He started out at Riverside Recovery as a Behavioral Health Technician and has since transitioned into the role of Admissions Coordinator. As someone who knows the program inside and out, he goes above and beyond when he is speaking with potential clients, families, and loved ones. We are so grateful for the energy he brings to our team.

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Katie McNulty

Job Title: Admissions Coordinator
Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida. She has been with Riverside Recovery since the opening in August of 2017. Currently enrolled in college, working towards becoming a social worker. Katie’s passion for helping people is evident in her life, in and outside of work. In her free time she enjoys spending time outside at the dog park, working out, and spending time with her family. Katie is in recovery hersel and enjoys working with others who struggle with addiction. Riverside Recovery has been a perfect place for her to explore this passion. She believes she has been given the opportunity...

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Samantha Godwin

Job Title: Director of Admissions
Growing up in Hudson, Florida, Samantha was no stranger to the opioid epidemic or the many people struggling with substance abuse in her personal and professional life. She has been working in the addiction industry since she was 18 years old. Starting in reception and quickly working her way up. 
Samantha has a passion for making a positive impact on someone’s life, it drives her to work harder and improve herself. To have a CEO and Co-Founder open their doors for your ideas, welcome individuals to disagree, and invest in employees is rare. It is that outlook towards employees and a team that...

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Jotham Fady

Job Title: Admissions Coordinator
Jotham is a native Floridian. He is in recovery and similar to many other stories at Riverside Recovery, that is how Jotham found himself working in the addiction industry. Jotham has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida. His experience prior to Riverside Recovery includes working in psychiatric emergency care and detox for 8 years.

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