Working with Affirmations to Heal Anxiety

When we are most anxious, we tend to let our thoughts run out of control, often without realizing it. We believe that we don’t have control over our minds and that we are powerless over them. We create beliefs around this powerlessness which actually work against us, but we can work to consciously direct our thoughts in more positive directions instead. One way to do this is by working with affirmations. The more we repeat them, the more we can calm our anxiety. We can create new beliefs that we can in fact control our thoughts.

Affirmations work to reprogram the subconscious mind where we store our emotional information. For years we’ve been programming our minds to believe negative and limiting thoughts about our ability to manage our thoughts and emotions. Once we become conscious of that, we can reverse the damage that this line of thinking has done.

Try thinking, writing and repeating aloud statements that calm you down, make you feel more positive and grounded, and ease your worries. Speak to yourself in empowering and uplifting ways that remind you that you can take control over your self-destructive thinking. “I can choose my thoughts consciously. I can direct my thoughts in positive ways. I can control my mind.”

The thought patterns we develop that tend to increase our anxiety are often along the lines of, “I can’t handle this. This is overwhelming. This is too much for me. I can’t get through this.” Our responses to our challenges often make them seem larger than life and insurmountable, but these are just thoughts. We can change them. We can start to tell ourselves things like “I am strong. I am capable. I can get through this. I will get through this.”

The more we practice, the more control we can have over our thoughts. When we believe in our power to work with our minds, we can greatly improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. We can choose calming, positive thoughts instead of the ones that exacerbate our anxiety. Here are more affirmations to try when you feel anxiety hit. “I am at peace. I am calm. I am balanced. Everything is going to be ok. This too shall pass.”

The more we can train our minds to think in ways that calm us rather than contribute to our anxiety, the more we can make these thought patterns become second nature and work to prevent further anxiety. The more we can do this, the more emotional resilience we will build in dealing with our challenges and the happier we will feel.
Anxiety is difficult, but we can help you find ways to work through it.
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