How Can We Protect Our Energy?

We often find that our energy is being attacked from all sides, by all of the depressing things going on in the world, by the conflicts we’re dealing with in our personal lives, even by ourselves with our self-deprecation and self-destructiveness. We aren’t self-protective, self-supportive or self-nurturing. We allow our energy to be exposed and vulnerable. Our thoughts, feelings and ways of life are all impacted by the negative things we witness and experience. As a result, many of us get depressed and suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses. We feel drained and exhausted. We feel insecure and bad about ourselves. We feel depleted of our energy, hope and motivation. We develop addictive patterns where we use drugs and addictive behaviors to cope with the loss of our energy and how low we feel. What are some ways we can protect our energy?

Our energy is fragile, but we can strengthen it and empower ourselves. Meditation is a powerful way of calming and centering ourselves, allowing our energy flow to be balanced and healthy. When we meditate, we’re supporting ourselves and our healing, and increasing our positive energy. We gain clarity and perspective. We allow ourselves to release negative energy we’ve been holding onto and storing within us. We enable ourselves to heal the toxic subconscious programming that is corrupting our energy. We can meditate in various ways, through breathing exercises, visualization practices, and by repeating affirmations. We can use breathing techniques that are good for anxiety and uneasiness, such as 1:2 breathing where we make our exhalation twice as long as our inhalation. We can visualize ourselves with a protective energy field around us. We can repeat affirmations that build up our energy and make us feel empowered. We can incorporate more mindfulness into our regular routine, giving our full attention to the present moment, which allows us to calm and balance our energy.

We can also protect our energy by using energy healing practices such as yoga, chakra alignment and tapping, all of which energetically balance our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits. The more we practice, the more we become attuned with our internal energy. We become more connected with our inner selves. We can start to sense when we feel off, when we’re energetically getting off balance, when we’re out of alignment.

The complex lives we live, all of the difficult issues we’re struggling with, and the challenges of the world around us can all make us feel energetically attacked. We can find ways to protect, balance and restore our energy that help us to feel replenished, fulfilled and motivated as we continue working towards healing.  

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