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Our VALOR program specializes in substance abuse and helping military, both active duty and veterans, combat PTSD and other trauma-related issues that contribute to substance abuse. Participants will take part in at least 1 hour of weekly psychotherapy with a Licensed Therapist in order to address the following: triggers for use, family dynamics that may or may not contribute to maladaptive pattern of substance use, setting boundaries that lead to long term recovery and healthy relationships going forward, and how to manage emotional dysregulation. The individual therapist will aid the participant in the development of distress tolerance skills to use in place of mind and mood-altering substances, while helping the client connect to the powerlessness and unmanageability of disease.

Group Support

Weekly psychoeducation groups will cover the following topics:


This group will explore what trauma is, how it presents, and what it looks like. It will also provide a general guideline for what is necessary to treat trauma, especially with a co-morbid substance use disorder.

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