Treatment for Local Union Members

Over the years, unions and addiction recovery centers have had a problematic history. Many recovery centers promised a level of quality they did not deliver, and union members who entered treatment frequently had no choice to go elsewhere. They arrived at their organization’s partner center to find poorly maintained facilities, outdated techniques or inadequate coordination with their union. The resulting negative reputation of treatment centers spread distrust among unions and union members, and the lack of appropriate services may have stopped many union members from getting the help they needed.

Riverside Recovery is changing this landscape. We deeply value our Florida local unions, their members and their families — we know how essential the union demographic is to Tampa, to Florida and to the nation. We provide our signature top-tier, comfortable and modern addiction treatment for the men and women who the Florida community through their professions. We understand the nuances of delivering care according to every union’s requirements, and we are dedicated to partnering with each organization to meet their needs. Above all, we want to help Florida working families get the help they need to heal from addiction, restore their livelihoods and find lasting recovery.

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Trusted Addiction Treatment for Union Members in Tampa

The Riverside Recovery team brings years of experience, high-level qualifications and breadth of medical and clinical specialties to our treatments and services. We are a key player in the Florida recovery community, and we are proud to partner with major unions to offer our highly-regarded programs to their members. We work hard every day to establish and maintain trust between unions and addiction treatment providers: our team always goes the extra mile to communicate with union administrators, to arrange for services that meet our clients’ needs and to provide care informed by each patient’s profession and background.
When a union refers their members to Riverside Recovery for addiction treatment, they can expect:
  • Flexibility to incorporate specific union requirements
  • Personalized treatment plans for every patient
  • Discretion and protection of our clients’ privacy
  • An informed sensitivity to union-specific concerns
  • Effective treatment that produces reliable outcomes
  • Ongoing support in recovery after treatment is complete

An Unparalleled Experience for Working Families

When it comes to providing addiction treatment for union members, we are acutely aware of our role in keeping our patients’ lives on track. Union members’ careers and working families’ livelihoods depend on our ability to provide high-quality care that meets each union’s requirements for returning to work. We are highly attuned to this and ensure that the care we provide for union members is thorough, individualized and fully coordinated.

Our entire staff — from administrative leadership through our medical and clinical teams — has been trained on union procedures, best practices for providing care for union professionals and referrals from union providers. We emphasize clear communication both internally and externally, to make sure that the care we provide is optimized to get every client healthy and back to work as soon as possible.

Some of the ways in which we create a seamless, worry-free treatment experience for union members include:

  • Pre-arranged and pre-vetted treatment plans, payments and care coordination with external providers
  • Direct communication with union representatives — our clients only need to arrive and begin their treatment
  • Personally assigned therapists coordinate all changes in care with all relevant parties to keep everyone involved and up to date
  • Assigned therapists also provide union representatives with regular written or verbal reports at pre-arranged intervals according to the union’s requirements

Our Facilities and Services

Riverside Recovery provides luxury accommodations and exceptional amenities in a beautiful waterfront setting along Tampa’s Hillsborough River. We strive to keep our clients comfortable and relaxed — our quiet, peaceful atmosphere encourages rest, healing and recovery. Residential clients have 24/7 access to members of our staff, while our outpatient clients enjoy the flexibility of attending to work, school or family responsibilities while still receiving care at our comfortable facilities.

Our treatment programs encompass a range of levels of care, therapeutic modalities and other services:

Therapies and Treatments

Current Union Partners

From the outside looking in, treatment centers can all start to look the same — especially when you are comparing several options and hoping to find the right center for your needs. Most treatment centers promise similar things: healing, efficacy, expert providers, modern therapies, personalized care and comfort. It can feel impossible to know if any given center will actually deliver on these claims. Riverside Recovery can remove this uncertainty: we work with several of our area’s largest unions who have already vetted our services and report consistently positive results from our programs.

Riverside Recovery is proud to partner with three very large unions:

  • Teamster Center Services
  • The Allied Trade Assistance Program (ATAP)
  • The United Automobile Workers (UAW)
Between these organizations, Riverside Recovery services may be available to over a million members in the East, South and Midwest regions from Michigan to Florida and along the East Coast. Whether you are a union representative interested in talking to us about a partnership or a union member curious about our services, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

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Riverside Recovery’s specialty addiction treatment for union members is a unique, highly tailored and exceptionally managed service. We don’t simply accept union members into our programs: we actively seek to partner with unions, extending our promise of seamlessly coordinated and organized care. We know how important it is for union members and working families to heal from addiction and find long-lasting recovery. What’s more, we know how important it is that their healing process meets their union’s requirements. Through informed and compassionate care, we ensure that our clients get back to work and remain productive, contributing members of their union and their profession. We invite you to review our website and in particular our section on labor unions. Please contact Riverside Recovery of Tampa to arrange a tour or schedule a meeting with admissions, please dial 833 875 7701.