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How Can I Learn to Nurture Myself?

Nurturing ourselves is something many of us with addiction and mental illness have a very hard time doing. We have adopted and perpetuated the belief that we don’t deserve to love ourselves and be good to ourselves. Many of us were not nurtured or supported by our caregivers growing up. The neglect and abandonment weRead More

How Can I Attract a Healthy Relationship?

When recovering from addiction and mental illness, one of the things we discover is that the health of our relationships plays a huge part in our overall well-being. We realize that we were so filled with self-destructive ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves that we naturally attracted partnerships and friendships that made us feelRead More

How Do I Develop Self-Acceptance?

When we don’t love and accept ourselves, we set ourselves up for the mental and emotional vulnerability and fragility that can easily lead to addiction and mental illness. Rejecting and hating ourselves keeps us locked in patterns of self-destruction and self-sabotage. We hold ourselves down, limit our potential and sabotage our well-being. We suffer fromRead More

The Practice of Building Self-Love

Growing in unconditional self-love is a practice that requires energy and commitment. We can’t expect affirmations to magically cure us of our self-hatred, or abstaining from our addictions to fix our relationship with self. The practice of building self-love is one we’ll have to dedicate ourselves to if we want to recover. Addictions and mentalRead More

Changing Our Self-Talk to Be More Self-Loving

A powerful self-love practice we can implement in our lives is to start monitoring our self-talk. Very often the ways in which we think, feel and speak about ourselves is unconscious. We aren’t aware of just how self-hating we’ve become. Sometimes a concerned loved one will tell us to stop talking about ourselves in suchRead More

How Can I Heal My Relationship with Myself?

Healing from addiction means addressing the root causes of our emotional issues, and for so many of us, our lack of self-love and self-destructiveness are major driving forces. We might be self-destructive because we blame ourselves for the traumatic experiences we’ve had. We might be holding onto shame and self-blame for issues our families wentRead More

How Can I Practice Self-Love?

We talk about self-love a lot pertaining to the healing process, but how do we go about actually practicing it? Instinctively we know it’s harmful to hate ourselves. We sense how limiting and destructive it can be when we don’t love ourselves. When it comes to practicing self-love and incorporating it into our daily lives,Read More

How Can Self-Love Help Me Get Better?

Of all the healing tools we develop in our recovery process, self-love might be the most important. Self-love is the active process of giving ourselves love, accepting ourselves unconditionally, and respecting ourselves. Self-love is offering ourselves compassion, understanding and forgiveness. When we love ourselves, we set ourselves up for a greater chance of recovery. Self-loveRead More

Why is Self-Love Important for Recovery?

Many of us living with addictions and mental health issues believe on a fundamental level that we are inadequate, that we are unworthy, that we are undeserving of happiness. We believe we are unlovable because deep down we don’t love ourselves. These beliefs are often what drive us to try to escape our pain withRead More