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Self-Care to Prevent Relapse

When we’re working to recover from our addictions, it’s so important that we dedicate time and energy to self-care to help us prevent ourselves from relapsing. Addiction recovery is an especially strenuous and challenging time in our lives. When we’re first recovering, we’re particularly susceptible to the temptation that naturally occurs, and we can veryRead More

How Self-Care Empowers Us in Recovery

When we think of self-care, we sometimes associate it with luxury, extraneous pleasure or selfishness. We’ve been conditioned to think that taking care of ourselves is less important than caring for others or taking care of our responsibilities. We become our own last priority. Self-care, however, is hugely important to our feelings of wholeness andRead More

Healing from Burnout

When we’ve experienced burnout, total exhaustion and a dangerous decline in our overall health, it is so important that we take the steps to heal ourselves. Burnout makes us more susceptible to substance abuse, dependency and relapse. We can’t tackle our addiction recovery when we’re not at our best and strongest. Here are some thingsRead More