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How Can I Heal My Relationship with Myself?

Healing from addiction means addressing the root causes of our emotional issues, and for so many of us, our lack of self-love and self-destructiveness are major driving forces. We might be self-destructive because we blame ourselves for the traumatic experiences we’ve had. We might be holding onto shame and self-blame for issues our families wentRead More

The Ways in Which We Use Our Relationships

Many of us struggling with addictions and mental health issues use our relationships in unhealthy ways. This can have a lot to do with our deeper issues, and our relationships and other challenges often mirror each other. What are some of the ways we use our relationships that are similar to how our addictions function?Read More

Separating Ourselves from Toxic Relationships

One of the best things we can do for ourselves in recovery is separate ourselves from the toxic relationships that have been bringing us down. When we are struggling with addiction, we often attract other people also living with addiction. Our relationships are often toxic and destructive, we enable one another’s addictions, and we contributeRead More