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The Spiritual Test of Recovery

Sometimes it can help us to cope with the many challenges of recovery to view it as a journey, an evolution, and a spiritual test. We’re being tested mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our willpower, resilience and inner strength are all being tested. How well we succeed has a lot to do with how muchRead More

Why Are We Afraid to Do the Work?

When suffering from addiction and mental illness, one of our biggest challenges is the resistance we feel to doing the work needed to recover. We postpone researching treatment centers. We stall on making an appointment with a therapist. We don’t go to support group meetings. We don’t feel ready to begin our recovery, and weRead More

Why is Communication So Hard for Us?

Our struggles with addiction and mental health issues can have a profound impact on our close interpersonal relationships, and specifically on our communication within those important relationships. We have a hard time expressing our feelings, our thoughts, concerns, needs and desires. We struggle with feeling good enough and worthy enough to be able to speakRead More

How Do I Stop Comparing Myself to Other People?

Along with our addictions and mental health issues, we often develop emotional patterns that contribute to our unwellness. One of the most destructive and debilitating of these emotional patterns is our tendency to compare ourselves to other people. We compete with other people and feel easily threatened by them. As addicts, we compare ourselves toRead More

Reflecting on Our Treatment

A hugely important part of the recovery process is taking the time to reflect on our treatment. We want to give some thought to how effective our program was for us, whether we feel we benefited from it, whether or not we were able to take full advantage of it. It can help us inRead More

What Role Does the Subconscious Play in Our Recovery?

Everything we do, think and feel is governed by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is where all of our emotional information is stored – our deeply rooted feelings, the memories of our trauma, our woundedness, and our emotional “baggage.” Our thought patterns, emotional responses, behavioral patterns, routines and life decisions are all impacted by theRead More

Using the Principles of Manifestation for Recovery

Conscious manifestation is the practice of being intentional with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and therefore our energy, to create the changes we want in our lives and to bring about the things we want for ourselves. We can use the same principles of conscious manifestation to help us in our recovery process. When we’reRead More

Warning Signs We Might Relapse

One of the most important things we can educate ourselves on when we’re working to recover are some of the signs that a relapse is imminent. While it doesn’t serve us to be overly afraid or paranoid that we’ll relapse, and while it doesn’t help us to assume relapse is inevitable, we can help ourselvesRead More

What Sobriety Demands of Us

When we make the choice to get sober, we’re being tested and challenged in all kinds of ways, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The process of choosing sobriety will demand certain things of us. When we accept the challenge and rise to meet it, we discover gifts and skills we didn’t know we possessed. InRead More

What is Resistance?

Resistance is something we often hear discussed in terms of mindfulness, mental health and emotional well-being, but what do we mean by it? Resistance is any way in which we try to block the flow of energy, to try to stop something from happening, to push something away rather than allowing it to happen. WhenRead More