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Choosing Clarity

Recovering from our addictions and mental health issues involves making important decisions about our wellbeing. It involves deciding that we are worth leaving behind the things causing us pain. It means deciding that we want inner peace. When we are ready to make these decisions, it is often because we have been languishing in confusion,Read More

Learning About Manic Episodes

Many of us can experience manic episodes, whether or not we’ve been formally diagnosed with mania or bipolar depression. The cycles of addiction can be very similar to those of mania and bipolar depression, anyone can experience them, and they are often related. Being able to recognize manic episodes is important for moving through themRead More

Self-Harm: Why We Hurt Ourselves

Many of us living with addictions and mental health issues also have a problem with self-harm – self-destructive behaviors which are linked to our deeper emotional problems and which compound and perpetuate them. We might hit, cut or burn ourselves or otherwise cause ourselves physical harm. We might be emotional cutters, where we are masochisticRead More

Becoming Aware of Our Stress

Often when we are struggling, we have buried our emotions so far down within ourselves, under our duties and obligations, under the logistics of our daily lives, under our prioritization of other people over ourselves – that we often aren’t conscious when we’re experiencing toxic levels of stress. Stress is a normal part of life,Read More

Finding Emotional Freedom

In our quest to heal from our addictions and mental and emotional health issues, perhaps our greatest goal is to find emotional freedom. What is emotional freedom, and how can we achieve it? A common misconception about emotional healing is that we are trying to replace any negative emotions we feel with positive thinking andRead More

Believing in Our Inner Power

Our addictions and mental health issues can cause us to lose faith in ourselves and to stop believing in ourselves. As we go through the difficult experiences in our lives, we often don’t believe we have the strength to get through them. We can feel hopeless and without direction. We give up on ourselves. WeRead More

Stigmas Around Mental Health and Addiction

One of the biggest things preventing people from getting the help they need is the pervasiveness of the stigmas still surrounding mental health and addiction. These stigmas cause us to fear being judged and shunned, so we isolate ourselves and struggle with our challenges alone, in silence. What are some of these stigmas, and howRead More

What is at the Root of our Compulsions?

Our addictive urges and compulsions can be all-consuming and debilitating. They can drastically interfere with our daily routines. They can deter us from our healing progress. When we aren’t able to stop ourselves from acting on them, we are often filled with sadness, guilt, embarrassment and regret. We feel angry with ourselves. We know ourRead More