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The Joy of Recovery

When we are in the midst of our struggles with addiction, it can be really hard to see our way out to the other side. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve given up hope that we will be able to recover, and we’ve lost faith in ourselves. If you’reRead More

Finding the Joy of Our Hearts

Finding true joy means discovering what brings us peace, fulfillment and satisfaction. Joy is not dependent upon external conditions or our current circumstances. It doesn’t only reside in the things we do or have done, but also in who we are as individuals, in what lies in our hearts and souls. We can lose ourselvesRead More

How Can I Find my Joy?

Joy is an energy source within us that we can tap into at any time. Joy is what makes our souls come alive and our hearts sing! Joy is different from happiness in that it is not based on our current circumstances. We can find a joy that is unconditional and then access it regardlessRead More