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Healing our Inner Demons

The term “inner demons” refers to the issues and worries in our lives, the troubling and distressing thoughts we find ourselves most plagued by. Our inner demons often cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Sometimes we obsess about them and experience recurring thoughts that we feel consumed by. Our thought patterns can becomeRead More

How Can I Reprogram my Mind to Help Myself Heal?

Our subconscious minds store our emotional information and memory, including our fears, the pain we’ve held onto from trauma, the grief we carry from loss. Even when we consciously want to be free of these things in order to be happy, our subconscious mind, which directs the majority of our thoughts, is holding onto themRead More

Giving Ourselves Emotional Space to Heal

Often when we are struggling with addictions, depression and other mental and emotional health issues, we don’t have the space to focus on our healing. Many of us are in relationships that are so consuming that we can’t focus on ourselves, often because they are toxic or abusive. We prioritize our relationships over our ownRead More

Healing from an Inadequacy Complex

Many of us living with addictions, depression and other mental health issues also suffer from deeply rooted fears that we are inadequate or not good enough. These fears can be so deeply ingrained within us that they become thought disorders. When we are struggling with an inadequacy complex, it can make recovering from our addictionsRead More

How Acceptance Can Help Us Heal

Many of us with addictions and mental health issues have a tendency to resist our pain rather than accept it. We have developed such a resistance over the years, often unconsciously, that we are giving our painful thoughts and emotions even more power over us. When we can learn to accept them, we are ableRead More

Healing Our Wounded Inner Child

When we talk about trauma and healing, we often use the term “inner child,” which represents our childhood self. Our inner children are a part of who we are. We don’t leave them behind in the past as we get older. They stay within us. We carry their hurts and wounds with us. Our traumaRead More

Daily Gratitude Practice for Healing and Happiness

Many of us have developed thought patterns that repeatedly flood us with the thoughts we most associate with fear and sadness. It can feel like we’re drowning in our emotional pain. One way to transform these vicious mental cycles is to consciously choose to focus on gratitude. Oftentimes when we are suffering, we have comeRead More