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Examining Our Fears in Therapy

As we’re working to recover from our addictions and mental health issues, examining our fears with a therapist can help us greatly in our healing. We are sometimes so clouded by our toxic thought patterns and so distracted by our life circumstances that we have a hard time looking at what is driving us inRead More

Exploring Our Fears

As we’re working to heal from our addictions and mental health issues, some of the most important work we do revolves around exploring our fears. Many of us have a fear-based relationship with our fears, where we try as hard as possible to avoid having to think about them, look at them or feel them.Read More

Examining Our Unconscious Fears

When living with addiction and mental health issues, many of us know we’re in pain, but we don’t know why exactly. We can tell that we’re afraid, but we often aren’t conscious of what our fears actually are. Our fears are stored in our subconscious minds, beneath the conscious awareness of our thinking minds. ThisRead More

Learning from Our Fears

When it comes to fear, many of us have a default reactionary response to our fears which is to run and hide from them. We’re so afraid to feel the anxiety and sadness that come with fear that we try to avoid thinking about our fears at all costs. We find ourselves being easily triggered,Read More

Facing Our Fears

Our addictions, depression and mental health issues are very often manifestations of our fears. The inner pain we feel about our fears can develop into many of the emotional challenges we face, such as our addictive behaviors and toxic thought patterns. Sometimes we focus our recovery on stopping our behaviors, because it is in thoseRead More