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Creativity and Our Emotions

Our addictions and mental health issues often cause us to have an unhealthy relationship with our emotions. We become so afraid of feeling our emotions that we don’t allow ourselves to feel them fully. We’ve developed unhealthy patterns of suppressing, denying and avoiding our thoughts and feelings. We numb ourselves with our drugs of choice,Read More

How Can I Cope with My Grief?

Grief is one of the emotions we struggle with the most when living with addiction and mental illness. We’re often confused about how to deal with it, as it can be so overwhelming and overpowering. Our grief can be intense and palpable. We can feel it as a heavy companion that stays with us throughoutRead More

Giving Ourselves Emotional Space to Heal

Often when we are struggling with addictions, depression and other mental and emotional health issues, we don’t have the space to focus on our healing. Many of us are in relationships that are so consuming that we can’t focus on ourselves, often because they are toxic or abusive. We prioritize our relationships over our ownRead More

Investigating Our Emotional Patterns

Sometimes when we are approaching recovery, it is relatively easy to identify our behavioral patterns. They’re pretty clear and easy to see. We can pinpoint our go-to drugs of choice and addictive behaviors fairly easily. What can sometimes be harder to identify are the emotional patterns underlying our behaviors. These patterns often drive our addictions,Read More

Meditation for Navigating Painful Emotions

When we are struggling with addictions, one of the hardest things we’re dealing with is the abundance of painful emotions we feel on a regular basis. We react to our emotions in unhealthy and self-destructive ways rather than choosing healthy coping mechanisms. Many of us have lived through traumatic experiences which can influence us onRead More

Learning How to Handle Our Emotions

Learning how to deal with our difficult emotions is one of the most important things we’ll do in our recovery from addictions and mental health issues. Our tendency when dealing with our challenging emotions is to want to avoid them at all costs. We don’t want to feel the weight of their pain. The painRead More

What Are My Emotions Trying to Tell Me?

Those of us struggling with addictions have a tendency to want to ignore our emotions and avoid feeling them because they can be painful and difficult to cope with. Our addictive behaviors are very often what we use to try to escape our emotions, but when we can look at them closely and figure outRead More

Embracing the Idea of Emotional Freedom for Recovery

Many of us living with addictions and depression have been living under the weight of our emotional challenges for most of our lives. We feel sadness and fear on a regular basis. We feel ashamed, and we often hate ourselves. When we think of recovery, we might think of it as this impossible, insurmountable ordealRead More

Developing Emotional Independence

Many of us with addictions and mental health issues find ourselves in codependent relationships, and we often are emotionally dependent on the other people in our lives. We base our emotions and moods on other people’s and are emotionally susceptible to their changing feelings. As part of our recovery, we can choose to develop ourRead More

Suppressing Our Emotions

One of the worst things we can do for ourselves is suppress our emotions. When we don’t allow our emotions to flow in healthy ways, we create blockages within us that can cause us tremendous amounts of pain. Our emotions are a significant part of who we are, and when we don’t allow ourselves toRead More