Should I Seek Treatment?

The decision whether or not to seek treatment for our addictions can be a difficult one. When making the decision, we are often confronting some very real fears- the fear of having to face the reality of our addictions, the fear of being judged by people, all the fears we have about ourselves that we’ve been burying under our addictions, the fear of having to live with the withdrawal symptoms, the fear of giving up the things and people we’ve been attached to and dependent upon. All of these fears can paralyze us and keep us stuck in our addictive patterns. The more we can face our fears, the more we can stop making our decisions based on our fears. When we are not allowing our fears to run our lives, we can more easily make the important decision whether or not to seek treatment.

Our fears make us human. We can’t expect them to disappear altogether or for us to never feel them. What we can do is try to take back our power so that they’re not dictating our choices. When we avoid getting help because we’re afraid, we’re allowing fear to control our lives. Let’s encourage ourselves to face our fears by telling ourselves things like, “You are brave. You are strong. You can do this. You will get through this.” Affirmations such as these help to calm our anxiety and slow down our racing thoughts, bringing us more mental and emotional clarity. As we become more clear, as the panic and overwhelm start to fade, we might start to see that what we really want is to be well. We don’t want to keep self-destructing. We want to be at peace.

Treatment can offer us several healing tools we might have a harder time accessing on our own. Therapy and support groups are invaluable resources in our recovery. It can be really hard to start implementing these things on our own while we are still heavily in the cycles of our addictions. Being in treatment can bring these things together in manageable, helpful ways that allow us to really benefit from them.

Removing ourselves from the toxic and destructive patterns we were accustomed to in our home environments can make all the difference for our recovery. Having more solitude and separating ourselves from our dysfunctional relationships can give us the space we need to confront our issues and work towards wellness. Treatment can offer us this important time and space we might not find elsewhere.

Whether or not to seek treatment can be a difficult choice, but when we face our fears, we often find that treatment can be powerful catalyst for our recovery. We owe it to ourselves to consider it.

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