Why Should I Hold On?

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

If you’re reading this, you might be contemplating suicide. You might feel as though you’ve completely lost hope. You might feel as though your shame is unforgivable and that you’d be better off dead, the pain of your regret is too heavy. You might think your loved ones are burdened by your existence and that you’d be doing them a favor if you left this world. You’ve probably heard that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but when you’re in pain all you want is some relief. While this may not solve your problem or remove your pain, may it give you a glimmer of hope to hold on.

There will be a day, soon, that you will wake up and your first thought will be of something joyful. There will be a day so beautiful with sunlight so bright or a thunderstorm so dramatic that you’re glad you got to witness it. There will be a time that you look upon with gratitude and appreciation, feeling blessed and lucky to have experienced it. There will be someone who tells you they love you, who means it, and you’ll believe them, and you’ll feel love for them in return. This love will fill you up with light and make you feel like you’re flying.

One day soon you’re going to accomplish something that you’re so proud of you can’t help but celebrate yourself. In the midst of your depression, you’re going to have the strength to get out of bed and start your day. You’re going to say something to someone that cheers them up and makes all the difference to them. You’re going to be a friend to someone who desperately needed your light as only you could give it. You’re going to remind someone of an important lesson they needed to hear. You’re going to inspire and motivate someone. There will be someone who looks up to you and credits you with changing their life. Someone will tell you that you saved their life.

Soon you’re going to write a song, or cook a meal, or lead a volunteer service project that fills you up with feelings of fulfillment. Soon you will have healed and you will feel redeemed. Soon you’re going to take steps to follow your passion. Soon you’re going to feel so aligned with your purpose that each new day is an exciting start to the rest of your life. Please hold on. You might be at your lowest point right now, but there is a whole life left to explore, and it can be so beautiful if you open yourself to it.

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