Share Your Story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou

After years of lived experiences both good and bad, we’ve accumulated stories that can be very difficult to face within ourselves, let alone share with other people. We hide our stories and bury them, blocking them out, trying to forget them. We carry painful secrets filled with our shame and regret. Our stories, however difficult, hold valuable pieces of information about who we are, what we can learn from our experiences, and how we can heal ourselves. Sharing our stories can be a profound part of our recovery.

Our stories hold a great deal of emotional weight within us. Sharing them in support groups, in therapy, or with loved ones is a powerful way to unburden ourselves of that weight. We don’t have to carry it alone. We’re in this together. There are people who have experienced similar traumas and who carry similar wounds, who want to support you, and who also can benefit from your stories.

It can be scary to share our stories, especially when we’re not used to expressing ourselves or to exposing difficult things about ourselves. We fear being judged by other people. We often seek validation in the opinions of others, and we’re afraid our vulnerability will cause them to look down on us or reject us.

As we continue to grow, we learn that our stories are full of purpose, wisdom and power. Our vulnerability can actually be our strength once we’ve learned to harness it for our growth. When we look at our stories, they can help us to identify what lessons we have yet to expand upon, what parts of ourselves need healing, what pieces of our souls need restored. Our stories detail our patterns, our pain, our losses, our lessons. When we really listen to what they can tell us about ourselves, we can use all of that information for our healing.

Share your stories. Be brave. Share them by writing them down and journaling about them, creating poetry, literature, artwork or songs about them. Let yourself feel the power of your voice. Let it resonate. Discover your power. That power is your strength. Try not to worry about how your expression will be received. When you are true to yourself, you will attract the people and circumstances into your life that will support you, your growth and your recovery.

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