Can We Use Self-Hypnosis for Addiction Recovery?

Self-hypnosis might sound complicated, difficult and elusive, but the truth is we’re always hypnotizing ourselves, each and every day, with the thoughts we think repeatedly and the beliefs we give the most energy to. When used consciously and with mindfulness, self-hypnosis can be applied to any challenge in our lives and can help us establish any new habit we want to incorporate in our lives, or break any old habit that doesn’t serve us. We can hypnotize ourselves to help ourselves heal from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We can use self-hypnosis to help ourselves get over our fears, complexes, neuroses and phobias. Can we also use self-hypnosis for addiction recovery?

Our addictions feel like these huge, debilitating, overpowering forces because that is how they have functioned in our lives thus far, and that is how we have treated them, but when we look at them more closely, we see that they are really just a culmination of habits, patterns and coping mechanisms we’ve developed to deal with certain emotions and fears in our lives. We might drink to manage our anxiety. We might want to get high any time we feel depressed. We might compulsively have sex to distract ourselves from the memories of past traumatic experiences. We can use self-hypnosis to shift these habits and patterns out of the automatic, recurring loop they’re in, and to replace them with new ones that empower us and serve us in our recovery.

One powerful form of self-hypnosis involves repeating affirmations while in a meditative state. We can most easily access our subconscious mind in order to reprogram it just as we’re waking up and as we’re falling asleep. We can also practice getting into the habit of repeating our affirmations throughout the day. “I am stronger than my fears. I am stronger than my addictions. I replace alcohol with meditation for stress relief. I use breathing exercises, affirmations and other healthy coping skills to manage my anxiety. I have more control over my thoughts and impulses than I think I do. I am in control of myself, my body and my choices. I am strong enough to do what’s best for myself. Every day I am growing in strength and willpower. I love myself enough to make healthy choices for myself. I am good enough. I have faith in myself. I believe in my ability to recover. I deserve to be happy and at peace.”

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