Self-Empowerment for Recovery

When we are working to heal from our addictions and mental health issues, we often carry within us limiting beliefs that we’ve developed over the course of our lives that tell us we aren’t strong, powerful or capable. We believe that our illnesses mean we are weak. We believe we don’t have the power to recover from them. We form our identities around our addictions and depression, and sometimes these identities are ones of powerlessness and hopelessness. In order to truly get better, we have to believe we have the power to heal. We have to change our beliefs about ourselves.

In our healing process, we can start to look at the challenges in our lives as crucial parts of our journey that are making us stronger. We can look at our difficulties not as setbacks but as catalysts for growth. Everything we go through, including our pain, is a part of who we are. Our stories would not be the same without it. Let’s think of our recovery journey as being part of the beautiful story of our lives. Let’s see our journey as one of redemption, not just struggle, of fulfillment, not just emptiness. We only know redemption once we’ve struggled. We only know fulfillment once we’ve felt emptiness. They are necessary parts of our process, of coming into ourselves, of learning who we are and healing from our afflictions. When we can adopt this mentality that life is working with us rather than against us, we can see our challenges as tools for growth and expansion not just as evidence of our suffering.

We are beautiful, and our pain is part of our beauty. How is our pain serving us? How is it helping us to grow? We can ask ourselves these questions to begin looking at our recovery in a self-empowering way. We can see ourselves as the powerful heroes of our stories rather than the victims of our addictions. We can see ourselves as making healing progress and getting stronger every single day, even when we don’t feel like it, because we are working our process and living through the challenges.

Let’s start speaking to ourselves in more affirming, empowering ways. “I am strong. I am powerful. I am capable of change. I am capable of healing. I believe in myself. I have faith in myself. I am empowering myself.”

When we can change our mindset, we open ourselves to healing. We’re here to support you. Call (800) 871-5440 for information on how we can help.