Seeing the Possibility in Confusion

In times of difficulty when we feel a great sense of confusion, sometimes our instinct is to see our confusion as a negative thing. We feel afraid of it. We think it is working against us. We reject it and want to run from it. Confusion can be very difficult. We can choose to see confusion differently, though. When we are open to it, confusion can actually be a good thing.

If we handle our confusion differently, it can be a catalyst for our growth and expansion. We can learn so much from it. Confusion can be a gateway to clarity, to solutions, and to healing. One thing we can do is to stop trying to fight the confusion. Just sit with it. Allow it to be there. It can be overwhelming, scary, even painful, but let it be all those things. Don’t try to fix it or change it. Don’t try to solve it, just let it be. Breathe through it. You can try visualizing it as a cloud hanging over you that you can just allow to be there without panicking about it or trying to do anything about it. Try to find stillness within yourself and keep breathing.

Answers often come to us when we aren’t trying so hard to find them. When we are frustrated because we haven’t found the answers we’re looking for, that energy of resistance pushes the answers even further away. Try accepting the confusion instead. “I accept that this situation is very confusing. I accept that this confusion is difficult. I accept that I am confused and having a hard time right now.” With acceptance comes peace, and in moments of peace and stillness, we are more likely to be able to hear the wisdom and guidance of our intuition. When we have acceptance, we can more easily follow the instructions our intuition is trying to give us.

Letting the confusion be, without forcing any resolutions, can allow us to start to see through the confusing situations and find peace. We can be led towards help, hope and healing solutions when we allow our confusion to be what it is. Sometimes it is a call for us ease our anxiety and find peace within ourselves, an invitation to find acceptance and come to terms with the difficulty so that we can walk through it with grace, find the lessons within it, and come out on the other side with more joy and wisdom.

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