Recap: Spotlight on Riverside Recovery by Florida Health Care News

The Florida Health Care News website recently published a feature article on Riverside Recovery and our unique approach to addiction recovery treatment. The article, titled “Restoring Health and Hope,” was the product of a collaboration with longtime Florida Health Care News writer Patti DiPanfilo — it highlights our process and raises awareness about addiction treatment in the Tampa area. After interviews with our team, careful research about the industry and a thorough exploration of Riverside Recovery’s approach and offerings, we’re excited to have a product that educates Floridians about our programs — and about recovery treatment as a whole. 

What We Offer 

For individuals who need treatment for their substance use disorder (SUD) but aren’t familiar with the process, navigating their options can be confusing. For one, industry terms used to refer to different types of treatment can make it difficult to know what a particular program entails. Additionally, people may find it challenging to know which type is best for their situation. In the article, we discuss the particular options available at Riverside Recovery and walk readers through the continuum of care. We also work closely with each client upon admission to help them find out which level or levels of care will be most appropriate for their journey with us.

Our clinical programming consists of medical detox, residential treatment, day/night treatment (sometimes called a partial hospitalization program or PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). We most often admit clients directly into detox, where our trained medical staff helps them get through withdrawal symptoms safely and achieve physical sobriety. Clients then transition through live-in residential treatment, into our day/night program with all-day treatment and then to IOP with morning or evening meetings a few times per week. The process from detox through completion of our IOP typically takes about 90 days, though each client’s path is slightly different and may take more or less time depending on their needs.

Our Holistic Approach 

In the addiction recovery industry, the term “holistic” refers to treatment of the whole person — mind, body and spirit. In “Restoring Health and Hope,” we strive to show readers how the therapies we offer will help them find their path to complete healing. We focus on restoring confidence, independence, accountability and purpose — together, these qualities bring hope back into our clients’ lives and give them the means to maintain their sobriety and the reasons to live their life to its fullest.

We heal the body through medical detox and our emphasis on therapeutic physical exercise. Simultaneously, our expert staff provides a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, biofeedback and motivational interviewing. All of these therapies strengthen and train the mind to process the past, recognize negative thought patterns and control unhealthy impulses. These methods are offered in the context of 12-Step principles, alongside traditional talk therapy and among a community of like-minded people — all of which restore the spirit through encouragement, support and positivity. We also pair each client with a sponsor who has completed their own 12-Step journey, which provides further spiritual support and guidance as they work through their recovery.

A Long-Term Outlook 

The final aspect of the “Restoring Health and Hope” article focuses on our goal to discover and heal the root cause of an individual’s substance use disorder or other mental health concerns. When we find what led someone to abuse a substance in the first place, we can create a more targeted plan for helping them avoid relapse. This long-term outlook helps our clients stay sober for life and find new, improved ways to say no to drugs or alcohol every day.

We replace negative behavior patterns with healthy habits — like team sports and exercise, mindfulness and yoga practices, art and writing or attending group support meetings. We provide our clients with several options for recreation and recreational therapies so they can experiment with different hobbies and find the ones that speak to them. The goal is not only to heal our clients’ short-term ailments and get them “clean”, but also to equip them with the tools they need to maintain that sobriety once they leave our programs.

We are proud of the clinical programming we provide and the high level at which we provide it. We are excited that Florida Health Care News was able to show their audience that excellent, patient-focused addiction recovery care is available in Tampa at Riverside Recovery, and that they were able to educate their readers about what top-quality addiction treatment looks like in the modern field of substance use disorders. We want our story to reach as many people as possible to encourage individuals struggling with addiction to seek the kind of help that will truly allow them to live a fulfilling sober life. You can help us reach this goal by sharing this post or the original article with your loved ones or with anyone who may be in need of help with substance abuse. You can also contact Riverside Recovery to find out if our programs might be right for you or someone close to you — simply call us at 800-871-5440.