Remembering the Purpose Behind Our Goals

Sometimes as we’re setting goals for ourselves, outlining our intentions and clarifying our objectives in our recovery, we forget why it is we’re working so hard to recover in the first place. When we remember the purpose of our work, the meaning behind why we’re in recovery, all the reasons why we want to be sober, it can help give us the motivation and the extra push we need, especially when we feel as though we’re getting off track with the goals we’ve set for ourselves. The recovery process is complex, taxing and overwhelming. We’re healing unresolved issues that have been with us for years of our lives. We’re confronting deep wounds and tightly held fears. We’re creating a vision for ourselves for what kind of life we want to live, for what sobriety means to us. We can feel overwhelmed and burdened as we’re doing all of this challenging mental, emotional, physical and spiritual work. We can feel defeated and drained. Remembering the purpose behind our goals, all the original reasons behind our sobriety, can help us to feel uplifted, encouraged and empowered to keep going.

Writing can be a very helpful tool as we’re getting clearer on our intentions. As we’re writing down our goals, intentions, commitments and objectives, let’s also write down the “why” behind them:

I set the intention to go to therapy once a week because my mental and emotional balance are crucial to me after so many years of self-destructiveness. I remember being so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed, so I’m committing to weekly therapy so that I can keep myself as balanced and aligned as possible.

I set the intention to check in with my sponsor regularly because I know how helpful it is to stay in contact with someone who supports me. I know how necessary it is to stay in communication about any challenges that arise for me, so that I can get myself back on track any time I feel like I’m slipping. I know how important it is for me to feel heard and understood as I’m going through this process.

I set the intention to go to support group meetings on a regular basis because I know how valuable it is to share my story, how therapeutic it is to find my voice, how fulfilling it is to help other people by sharing my experiences.

I commit to staying clean because I love myself. I want to make healthy choices. I want to do what’s best for myself at all times.”

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